Do you finish GW everyday since the update?


  • Yes

    A-team: QGJ (L), Lumi, Dooku, Bariss, JC
    B-team: HK (L), 88, 86, Poggle, GS
    C-team: Phasma (L), Sidious, Poe, Biggs, Daka
    D-team: Boba (L), Vader, Ventress, Kylo, RG

    Suicide squad: Chewie (L), Rey, Jawa, Magmatrooper, Maul

    A-team is always my max level, the rest of my teams are 70 or higher gear 8 (except RG, he's 66 G8). Suicide team is 60 or below.
  • GajoNikado
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    Lvl 74

    Arena Rank: usually Top 50 | Current Power: 30.511
    Team for GW: Lumi(L), Sid, GS, Old Daka, JC + Banthas + Team B for the hardest node(lvl 70 6-7* droid team) + Team C(lvl 50-60 guys 4 stars)

    Strategy: kill Sid, then the damage dealers then manage the cooldowns all with team A. If cant win with Team A, bring some banthas, just to make the enemy use their abilities. Then jump in with the Team A.
    Sometimes, if i find a hard node i use Team C just to kill the biggest threats(never attack sid there)
    The node before the last one is usually the hardest. I start it with the Team B which is usually destroyed but takes the biggest damage dealers with it.

    Never lost a single GW since the moment it was unlocked to me.

    Working on Barris which will help me allot and save some time.
  • Yes
    Like the other people who have been playing a while, I find it a bit easier, but much longer. I'm afraid there will be days I won't have the time to finish even if it's possible.

    I start with a core of Barriss (L), JC, Talia and Sid. Talia is 5 star, JC is 6 but the rest are 7. All are gear 8. They all have either heals or self heals. I've been messing with Magmatrooper and IG-88 in the 5th spot, but I'm still farming them so it's just to get a feel for them.

    When I hit Jedi heavy teams I swap Dooku in. I'll put RP in after a few rounds once Magma and 88 are being outclassed. By node 11 I've usually lost 2 of Barriss, JC and Talia so I just use some combination of my A-teams, which are many of the most common F2P toons.
  • Yes
    It takes longer but I can still do it because I am one bad **** mother ****!!
  • Qleak
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    Yes and No (finished some but some days I didn't)
    I only failed once, on the first day. I made it to the last node, just couldn't quite make it. I've completed it every other day :)
  • Yes
    Yes, but I'm going through my whole roster of 20 characters over lvl60.
  • Yes and No (finished some but some days I didn't)
    Lost the first three after the update on the 11th node. Switched up my approach a bit and managed to complete the last two. Need those credits.
  • Yes
    I have nothing to gain from GW (maxed the only one I'd care to use, plus unlocked the rest and maxed Phasma) and don't need credits or ability mats.

    You could:
    -Collect War Tokens just in case
    -Exchange War Tokens for Shard Currency, just in case some rare shard appears, like, Vader.
    -Get some cristals, shards....
    -Get Teebo!!!
    -Do a little bit of each

  • Djbz
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    Every day, and I find it easier.
    I use this team through most of it.
    Luminara (leader),
    Resistance pilot (who's apparantly "useless" since the update, despite saving my backside a lot)
    Jedi Consular
    Geonsian soldier

    Sub in Poe about halfway/ three quarters through to sacrifice himself to get past a vicious enemy team.
    At node 11 I become less fussed about losing a character, and in node 12 I just lose all self preservation and go all out attack.
    Use B/C team to finish survivors
  • scuba
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    Highest arena power >31k
    Normally use Ewoks sth/rg/daka. Sometimes suicide squads and b teams to take out pesky opponent
  • Yes
    Mainly with: Luminara, Jedi Council, IG-86, Resistance Pilot and Fives. Also, as a support, Teebo, Old Daka, Assajj Ventress and Talia. Some other as suicide squads.
  • Joe_Cus
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    I think I've only lost one day in the last two months. I switch my teams based on the matchups but my main squad is Phasma, FOST, GS, Lumi, QGJ.
  • Need 3 healers in the A squad. Then it seems to be ok.
  • Daddio
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    I'm lvl 73, BUT I haven't leveled any of my toons since the level cap went up, so everyone I talk about in this post is level 70, fully geared to their level. My Arena power is 27,708. I deliberately keep my Arena rank modest (somewhere in the 200s, generally) so that I can always attack teams with a lower arena power than my own. I've never beaten a team with more arena power than 26,500. I could, but I don't.

    Depending on who you believe all of this could matter. Early in the game, I was an Arena over-achiever and could never finish GW. It took me a long time to turn that around, because it took me a long time to read up and realize that the the two were connected, and I was killing myself in GW by being as rank as I could in Arena. So now I sandbag arena to keep GW easy. I only see GW teams above lvl 70 in the final three nodes, as a rule, with the last node typically being a max geared lvl 74 team.

    I use a healer-based approach to GW, with the core team being 7* Barriss (lead), Lumi and JC. I like the performance of Savage and Phasma a lot since they got buffed in the update, and I have them at 7*, so I generally use them to round out the team. These two are very effective against Sid, and against Dooku dodge teams. Because of the QGJ/Yoda glitch, I have to bench Savage when I face them, but I have a 7* Ashoka I can bring in for him (even more healing!). I also have a 7* Eek (he's easy to level and gear for the Jedi/Yoda event) who comes off the bench for 'droid teams. I do the whole run with just these toon.

    The only teams I suicide squad against are Poggle teams, so that he uses his special. I typically have to do about 2 retreats the whole run, usually because JC died.
  • Yes
    Level 75, arena rank varies from 2-10, arena power 28.8k. I mostly use Barriss (6* VIII), Lumi (7*, VIII), QGJ (7* VIII), JC (6* VIII), Fives (6* IX) or RG (5* VIII). I have ~10 other characters with 5-7* and purple gear. I'm beating it with no suicide squads used (rarely 1-2 suicide squads on a particularly hard day). I typically only have to put in a fresh team on 1-2 nodes near the end. I retreat about once per day only.

    I'm really not finding it hard at all, and barely taking any longer, but my match-ups are favorable compared to some I see reported on here. I don't face any gear IX Reys. I think if I faced them, I could maybe get by one per day, but if I hit 2+ gear IX Reys per day, I'd be toast (especially multiple nodes with gear IX Rey and a good RG).
  • poeson
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    Yes and No (finished some but some days I didn't)
    I can still finish it every day if I want to but now it is taking longer than I care to spend on a cell/tablet and it just gets too tedious.

    I usually starts with a hard hitting team to clear the early stages, faster and then switch to a sustain team for the later stages (usually by throwing in a combination of JC/Lumi or JC/Daka).

    on average, now, I clear it 2 times every 2-4 days (I don't restart every day so I retain progress).

    I spend about 1 hour a day total on this game during weekdays. I semi-auto everything other than GW (because i want to control cooldowns).
  • Yes
    It takes longer it is easier.
    Btw.. This is a duplicate poll. :)
  • No
    wisenuts wrote: »
    Barris,lumi,gs,dooku,sid (finish the whole thing with this team most days). For the most part all level 74 full gear and abilities
    30,961k power

    I run QGJ, Ahsoka, Lumi, Yoda and Rey or JC and havent gotten past node 8 since update when I ran the board for a month prior with same team.
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  • Thire
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    Yes and No (finished some but some days I didn't)
    I never retreat from battles (not for any particular reason, I just don't like to), my bariss is only 5*, and I lack an abundance of backup teams so I'm 2/4. I didn't always finish before the update either, to be fair, but I always got through the second to last battle. I can't deny its gotten a little bit harder
  • Yes
    It takes longer it is easier.
    Btw.. This is a duplicate poll. :)

    I should have searched. my bad.

    IT'S A TRAP!
  • No
    By choice too long and boring I just auto it until i run out.
  • Toukai
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    QGJ(L), Bariss, Lumi, JC, Dooku/Sid/Phasma/GS

    Easy peasy no retreats due to just power healing
  • Irics
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    Always did. Always will.
  • Bon_El
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    Yes and No (finished some but some days I didn't)
    Didn't have time to mess with the game for a few days so I guess I missed some drama - but I'll take the 250 crystals - ha. Had a GW reset waiting last night & nothing else to do for 2 blankin hours so completed 2 back2back and another just now. Nothings really different aside from the time it takes is a lil longer (not a good thing) None of the remaining GW Store toons are on my radar but I'm compelled to complete GW just for the credits. It would be nice if I had the credits to level & star the toons I already have the shards for.
    Edit: As other have mentioned 3 healers:
    Lumi(L), JC, Daka, & whoever. Yoda is nice to give your team foresight & keep some protection going a while longer. Ahsoka, 86, GS & even Chewie is useful.
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  • Yes
    Barris(lead), Lumi, QGJ, GS, Dooku/Yoda/Whoever. Win every day.
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    Easier but longer
    I skipped one
  • Nikka488
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    I've completed it every day since the patch. But I'm half a day behind. Meaning I'm wrapping up yesterdays now but it takes so much time (even without retreats). I do use way more of my roster than ever before. I start with my C team now and get through a few nodes. Then throw in a D or E team to soak up some specials. By about Node 6 or so I bring out the A team and can generally get through with an occasional grouping of cannon fodder to soak up some more specials. The real chore is the time suck. It literally takes like 45 mins - an hour spread out throughout the day to finish it. At this point I'm not that hung up on whether or not I finish but I try to and so far have. On my 2nd account I auto and don't care how far I make it.
  • Nikoms565
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    It takes significantly longer - partially because it is much more difficult. The teams I'm facing now are higher level (and I'm level 74!!) than last week and they all have full protection. Which many of my top heroes don't after one battle. By nodes 5-8, all of my 7* toons are protectionless.

    The last 3-4 nodes usually take about an hour, just with retreating, trying again, retreat, different target, retreat, different lineup, retreat, different attack pattern with different lineup, etc., etc., etc.

    At those levels, one battle and everyone's protection is gone (on my side). I have several teams - but not 10 or 12. Good luck taking on all level 75 max geared 7 stars with a Dooku lead, Daka, Fives, Sid and Phasma (I faced that team not once, but twice today). Absolutely brutal.

    GW definitely needs adjusting. At first, I thought maybe I had gotten some rough draws (that happened, of course, before the update - easy days and rough days). But pretty much every day since the update has taken almost 2 hours to complete GW.

    I have been a pretty strong supporter of the update - but after several days of grinding myself into the ground with 90-120 minute GW's, it's getting old fast. Especially when the "reward" as an Ewok scout shard and 2 purple ability mats.

    I like playing the game - but GW is simply too much "that didn't work, let's try to attack him instead...that didn't work, let's try attacking her...nope, let's try...") At times now, it's more like sitting with a pair of dice and trying to roll snake eyes...3 times in a row. And you can't stop until you succeed.

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  • RicoTK
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    Still finishing every day. Run a 5* Barriss lead with 7* QGJ, Lumi, Dooku, Gs/Phasma. Phasma has been working out nicely lately. As others have already said, timing your heals is key. In the early matches I usually don't have to use heals because of Barriss's healing strike. Also, I make it a point to get rid of Sid first so that I can freely heal. L74. Squad power 29325
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