DMG reduction + Protection + Lvl Cap Raise = GW ruined.

All at once, I'm now dealing with having reduced DMG output, my Ventress constantly being nerfed, on top of the ridiculous protection algorithm, and the fact I'm facing teams lvl 74 by node 4 when I barely just got my top to 70 (no more credits/droids for further training), this makes GW absolutely impossible to best and beyond unenjoyable.

I at least had some use for my lower lvl toons before the update, but now they are all useless and I'm forced to use the same team for the entire GW.... This ruins the experience.

I no longer plan on doing GW, and will likely delete the app soon.

I had seriously considered dumping $$ into the game as I enjoyed it very much, but I no longer see I worth the expense.

GW was the best part of the game, and is no longer enjoyable....

That's a severe issue.


  • I enjoy GW so much more since update. it was way too ez and just a breeze thru for currency pre-update. In its current state I am able to use my A,B,&C teams and it extends my gaming time daily. Plus I feel that much more accomplished after beating it daily :)
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