Victory March! [VM] **CAPPED** Accepting waitlist

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Hello, I am the GL for Victory March! [VM] We are a DEC/JAN Shard recruiting active, top notch gamers. We have players in Japan (UTC +9) EET, CET, EST, CST, MTN, AZ and PST.

UPDATE 23APR2016 2000PST:
1)We are capped and accepting waitlist members now. There is a very strong possibility that slots will open up in a few hours when Europe wakes up. I have 3 slots dedicated to Europe and 5 players in the Americas that I am waiting on information from. If we do not hear back from them by 12:00 PST we will start accepting players off of the waitlist.
2) Also, I have a feeling that Refreshes will be an issue for some players and the may open slots as well.
3) If you were accepted into Victory March! but have not been added to our internal thread, EMAIL ME ASAP.
If you have not heard from me, we are very sorry.
Thank you
Update 23APR2016 1800
Please include the following if you are interested:
1) Imgur of your top tier toons
2) ally code
3) timezone
Thank you
We are processing apps as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience

Guild Member Requirements:
  1. F2P and P2P: All are welcome. We are a variety of ocean dwellers. Of course, being a Kraken doesn't hurt.
  2. Rank: you must be Arena Top 100 regularly; send us a link for verification.
  3. Active daily: If you are not going to be active on a certain day(s), you must notify the GL or officers. We know this is a game but, a lot of us have put real time and money into this game. Please be considerate.
  4. Toons: Minimum 5, 7* toons with top-up gear G8/G9. Again, send a link of your roster.
  5. Cooperation: Must cooperate daily in GW, Arena and Raids. Send us links of your achievements
  6. Timezones: No requirement. We stretch from Japan, Europe to PST (USA). Our GL is Pacific Standard Time.
  7. Longevity: You are not planning to quit in a few months
  8. Communication: For Raids we will use in game communication.
  9. Name Change: This will take place once Guild Play is live and names changes are available. We will require Guild initials first then your callsign. Examples: "VM.username" I will be "VM.DirtyQuesadilla." or [VM]dirty.quesadilla
  10. Shard-mates: //This section is if you are on our shard and wish to join our ladder climbing, you must use the Line app. We take the top spots in all time zones daily. We protect each other from snipers and we clear the ladder for our members to climb to and attain the top spots at their payout time. You will be expected to take someone out even though it's not your payout hour. This happens often. But you will receive the same during your payout time. We have timezone constraints and do not wish to have a bottleneck/traffic jam at your timezone's payout time. Again, this paragraph is only for Shardmates//
Also, our Rank structure will be
1) GL
2) Executive Officer, Operations Officer and possibly a Deputy Commander
3) Timezone Captains
4) Players

Our founding members: @Crysix, @dirty_quesadilla, @Enkido, @Fantazy, @Graublick, @Hadriel_Jetberg, @Krazgul, @Miller, @Preemo_Magin, @Rysterical, @Testiclies

Victory March! Supremum Ultra!
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