Victory March! [VM] **CAPPED** Accepting waitlist



  • ALL: If you have previously posted and not heard from a member of Victory March (myself @Graublick @slmcmr) please email me (dirty) directly.
    To those we have had to turn away: you are all very great players, we appreciate you applying, but we are very competitive and cannot waiver on our requirements. If you do not have the minimum requirements please consider another Guild.
    Thank you for understanding,
  • Level 75
    Central time Zone
    11 char 7*
    Typically finish between 20 and 50 in arena.
    Finish GW every day.
  • Heor
    2 posts Member
    Level 74

    Ally code: 471-718-718

    GMT+7 time zone

    9 char 7* with all gear 8 and 3 are gear 9

    Rank 1 every day except several busy work day

    GW is easy
  • Playing since December
    Level 75
    1) Images of your top tier toons :
    2) ally code : 746-669-368
    3) timezone - US Eastern
  • hello
    lvl 75 playing since December
    1) images top toons/pvp rank
    2) ally code 518-998-852
    3) timezone Montain time
    Diazepam and I will love to be in the guild
    Thank you
  • @ThorsAssassin @thechino @vincelam58 @Noodlenoggin @Riggin12
    welcome aboard!
    All: others we are still processing your apps. Please bear with us as you are all very qualified but are having to make tough decisions.

    Thanks man :)
  • Im lvl75 usually top 5 on my server every day i play swgoh every day, no excuses. I have 10 7* toons and like 5 at 6* all of them gear lvl 8

    Ally code: 689-453-992

    I live in miami so idk what time zone am i
  • Hi guys. My name is Null. I am on your shard and ranked usually in the top 20 daily.
    I started playing when it launched but didn't took it seriously till January.
    I live in SF and I make mobile games for a living.
    I work from home, so I am always online and available.

    1) Imgur of your top tier toons
    - I am lvl 75 and slowly getting credits to level up the rest of the toons.

    2) ally code

    3) timezone
    PST- in San Francisco

    Arena Ranking April 24-
  • I requested to join through the app and is awaiting response. I am usually in the top ten at my payout in California, USA Pacific Time. Level 76 with 10 maxed out characters, 17 purple gear characters, and I play way too much everyday.

    Joemama is the screen name.
  • One more thing, my ally code is 315-948-358
  • Jomomma we are currently waitlist only. I'll have a better feel for things with who's serious and who is not tomorrow. I'm sorry that's the best I can offer you
  • I'm level 76
    13 7* toons
    1 level 9 gear 11+ level 8 gear
    I range in the rough 50 rank daily
    All code is 749-656-964
    Can I use something other than IMGUR?
  • pkudzy
    12 posts Member
    I'm level 76.
    16 7* toons.
    2 level 9 gears and 14 level 8 gears
    Top 20 in arena ranking in most of the time.
    My ally code is 936-318-369
    Time zone is: -6:00 Central Time US
    Please find my toons image here:

  • Top 10 arena daily. Play every day.
  • I think I meet all the requirements. Add me please. Daily player.
  • Crysix
    28 posts Member
    hey daisy, you wouldn't be Hanna from our shard would you? Exigent/Dirty/Rysterical?
  • thechino
    16 posts Member
    edited May 2016

    Victory March has opened 2 vacancies. We are a competitive, friendly guild based in PST but have members from all time zones (CST, EST, EET, Asia). We have whales, P2P, and F2P so anyone is welcome for consideration as long as you meet our minimum requirements. Here's what this guild can offer you:
    1. Consistent raid schedule: Tier 6 every 2 days (weekdays) & Tier 5 on weekends (temporary)
    2. Raid times that will accommodate you and your time zone
    3. Tier 7 guild currency rewards on daily basis
    4. Transparency and clear communication between guild members and leadership

    As a very competitive guild looking to compete with the best, we expect you to also have the current ability to fully contribute to tier 6 raids, then eventually tier 7. Here are our requirement
    1. 25 toons at 6/7*
    2. player level 75 or higher
    3. able to deal ~500,000 damage over 2 days to Tier 6 Rancor (we can work with you on strategy if you're not there yet)
    4. active daily to contribute maximum amount of guild bank coins (600)
    5. high arena rank
    6. commitment! you have fun & enjoy the game enough that you still see yourself playing in 2-3 months
    7. Line account to receive important announcements from leaders, receive/share advice, and also for casual chat with your fellow guildmates

    Please PM me or comment below if you wish to be part of the VM family with the following:
    1. Game Name
    2. Ally Code
    3. Time Zone
    4. Link of your roster

    Cheers, VM BranBran!
  • I'm here for VM Branbran, line apps jedijack
  • Not sure if anyone is going to get this but I hope so, quigonnbourbon1 Mr destrier, phone destroyed In pool,no way of accessing game until friday,could of linked to iPad if knew the stupid 2nd security code that got put on. Apple id. Have no access to line, tried building one from wife's account doing searches for graublick,slcrm,bang arang, bran bran, xerox black etc,none come up for some reason. At any rate if kicked I understand. You guys rely on the guild credits. Just wow the chaos caused.
  • dirty_quesidilla or any other members,if you get this let the leaders know plz

  • Jomomma we are currently waitlist only. I'll have a better feel for things with who's serious and who is not tomorrow. I'm sorry that's the best I can offer you

    DQ, please get above message to leaders
  • I'll pass along
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