Cruise Control *Recruiting*

Hey everyone!

If your looking for an active guild look no further. Our goals are to be competitive on the guild ranking and to farm guild rewards.

We have already completed our test raid and are ready to take on higher tears.

We are looking for recruits that meet the following:

Lvl 60 minimum.
Active every day, minimum dailies should be completed.
You must be willing to join the Line chat.
Must be located in the USA (we are willing to work with other but raids will take place on EST time).
Must complete or attempt to complete guild dailies.
Must take part in raids.

Open to F2P and P2P.

We are willing to help and accept newer players that demonstrate the desire to build their account. We are developing a "vacation" mode for those of us who work or have commitments that keep us away from gaming for short (week and under) time periods.

Please reply to the thread or direct message me if your interested in joining.


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