Grenades on 4-F (Hard mode)

I know the 4-L issue is being fixed, but the hard mode final level in stage 4 (I think it's 4-F) has the same grenade spammers, albeit worse, since it's hard mode :frowning:


  • I think they need a fix for all AOE attackers. It seems they didn't test the leveling of the enemy characters well and the AOE damage skyrockets starting at enemy level 30. It's strange that there seems to be zero cool down sometimes as well. It's a new game so I'm sure a lot of tweaks will be needed for balance.
  • I made it to the final stage on 4-F once with Old Ben from an ally and a couple healers of my own, and got completely destroyed. It's a joke.
  • I overload on healers... And use Barris as ally. So I go with Luminara, jc, and Barris, that's 3 healers. Then, Akbar, that will heal for nice amount on debuff cleanse, and Ahsoka, who heals herself. Last is Farm boy Luke for dps. That's how I deal with aoe spam nodes on LS. I could technically go with Ewok elder instead of Akbar or Luke, for another heal, resurrect, but I think a 2* ewok will not survive the barrage.
    You can also try to put up a leader with high evasion, to hopefully block some aoe.
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