Guild contribution should transfer with player if dropped from guild

Not sure if this is the best place to place guild feedback but after two days I've identified an issue that I hope is addressed.

I don't necessarily value the social aspect of adding guilds (I have a full time job and two kids) but guilds are necessary to gain elusive gear pieces. I've joined random guilds that are near full for a chance at the gear. Both days, I wake up do my normal farming and contribute my cantina energy and LS missions on their days. Then when I check back in the afternoon, I've been dropped from the guild and all my bank coins and daily activity points stay with the old guild that dropped me. I see that the guild leaders are just dropping guys after they contribute to ensure they hit tier 7 and that the leader and officers get the largest share of currency.

This is annoying and frustrating. please remove this incentive for leaders to drop members by having individual contributions remain with individual members.


  • Correction, I've been dropped from a guild three days in a row now.

    I won 24 GW battles before going to bed and woke up having been dropped from the guild. Each time this happens I have to join a newer guild who doesn't have enough coins to raid.

    This is bull$hit and annoying as [email protected]
  • Same for me, plus on a guild now where leader doesn't bother starting raids- and barely contributes to daily rewards. I'd leave, but I'd be leaving what I earned there.
  • Razor
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    never occurs to me, but i can see how is dissapointing, i'm sorry for this guys, the way is to spend ur coins the fast u can :\
  • Try looking up DoTe or some smaller guilds may not get the most guild tokens but it's better than none and you should report those guilds that's doing players dirty maybe they can shut them down and ban them from starting another guild.
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