Any tips for maximizing damage in Raids?

Just wondering if anyone out there is working on a guide for how to maximize raid damage.

It seems like some things (like leader ability) are bugged.


  • Duckoo
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    Retreat your high damage characters whenever possible
  • Achilles
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    Leader ability works on phase 1 only (against pigs), once you face rancor, there is no leader ability working. not sure, if this is intended or bugged.
    Left by design.
    The fixed payout times are the worst part of this game and makes it absolutely family-unfriendly.
  • Jespitos
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    Get QGJ omega for Turn Meter manipulation, and only use his basic until rancour is toppled.

    Old ben's and Poe's special can be very useful for turn meter manipulation as well (+ offense down). Save poe's for when toppled.. Will prolong the time he is toppled + expose (use RNG to your favour and retreat if it does not work).

    Use Yoda when he is +50% health, for additional turn meter manipulation.

  • I average 1.1-1.4 Mil damage on Rancor after 7-8 attempts on Tier V raids with only 14 characters eligile for use (a majority of which only come to do 30% of the damage dealt).

    What I've learned is essential is to strategically use each attempt to maximize character sustainability, damage, and door control panel cool-downs. My first team: Phasma (lead), Poe, Lumi, Rey, QGJ. EACH hero will get two attack turns while Rancor is down, with help from Phasma's "Victory March." Because of this, utilize Reys "Leverage" to gain Offense Up before using "Flurry of Blows to maximize damage. Do not waste Poes taunt while Rancor is down as it will be more useful while Rancor is up using abilities. Spam QGJ/Lumi damage abilities off cool-down.

    As utilizing each attempt goes, it all comes down to RNjesus (escape attempt failure/success rates/crits/bonus attacks/debuffs) and being able to output as much damage as possible, while also keeping your heroes alive in between door control panel phases. With this being said, if you feel like you've made a mistake anytime during that raid attempt don't be afraid to just retreat and start over.. (there are no consequences, just like Galactic War retreats). THE GOAL: to get TWO door phases complete with first 5 main squad (it is possible), then use escape ability on as many living heroes left. SECOND STEP: use a secondary squad that will be able to survive, whilst dealing as much damage as possible, until the third door control panel cool-down completes. As this completes, add whatever damage you can to the rancor before using your escape ability on your remaining heroes. THIRD STEP: Now that the door control panel is reset, send in your remaining MAIN squad along with any more hard hitting damage attackers you can fit in to maximize damage with morale bonuses.

    With the number of characters I have in stock at the moment, I've never gotten more than 3 door control panel phases in a series of 5 attempts, (every hero is basically dead at this point and I end up sending in an unfinished squad to scrounge up a couple thousand damage). As the second round attempts comes in I rinse and repeat the same process.

    I do hope this helps. Please comment back with any questions/comments. :blush: I too am still working to perfect these raid attempts, so I'd just thought I'd share what has been successful for me recently.


    MAIN 5: (LEAD) Phasma, Poe, Lumi, Rey, QGJ.
    SECOND 5: (LEAD) Sid, Dooku, Opress, Talia, Jawa
    THIRD 5: Always depends on who lives from Main 5 and Second 5
    FOURTH: Usually toss in JC, IG-86, TIE Pilot, and Ackbar to bum a few thousand more damage.. They die quickly. :neutral:

    TLDR; read third paragraph section.
  • Achilles
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    There is no lead, once you face rancor.
    Left by design.
    The fixed payout times are the worst part of this game and makes it absolutely family-unfriendly.
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