Team advice needed - Level 60, two 7*s

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I need help picking my PVP team and my A and B team for Galactic War, please. I generally rank 60-100 in my arena ladder and complete GW pretty consistently.

My current main team is:
All Level 60:
- Sidious 7*, gear 7
- Luminara 7*, gear 7
- Jedi Consular 5*, gear 8
- Dooku 4*, gear 7
- Fives 4*, gear 7.

The rest of my roster is: (levels range between 53-60) Phasma 5*, gear 7 / Kylo 4*, gear 6 / Finn, 4*, gear 7 / Boba 4*, gear 6 / Vader 4*, gear 6 / Savage 4*, gear 6 / Talia 4*, gear 6 / Resistance Pilot 4*, gear 6 / Chewie 4*, gear 6 / Jawa 4*, gear 6 / Asajj 3*, gear 6 / Ahsoka 3*, gear 6 / Luke 4*, gear 6 / URoRRuR'R'R 4*, gear 6.

I'm working on upgrading Phasma, Kylo, Fives and Asajj.

What would you suggest I do, in terms of my PVP team and Galactic War teams? Thanks in advance!

As a side note - I've been loving my Sith team on D/S missions - Savage (L), Sidious, Kylo, Vader, Dooku. I wonder if I switched Luminara into this team for Dooku, whether it would be able to compete in Arena?

Any help appreciated! Thanks!


  • replace dooku with a 5 star+ kylo get fives to 6 star and u shud be fine then maybe take out someone and put in plasma
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    replace dooku with a 5 star+ kylo get fives to 6 star and u shud be fine then maybe take out someone and put in phasma

    Yep, that's roughly what I was thinking. Fives and Dooku, who are both 4*, definitely let my side down. I'm trying Kylo in the team now in Dooku's place but I miss Dooku's (highly likely) stun at the start of each battle. Once Kylo is 5*, he'll take Dooku's place permanently. Equally, Finn could take Fives place eventually but I'll take a while to get him to 5*, especially as Kylo is my main focus in Cantina.

    Who would you take out for Phasma? I could have her to 6* by Sunday...
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    Bump. Any more thoughts or advice? Thanks.
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    For Arena, consider a team of Phasma (L), Sid, Lumi and two out of Kylo/Dooku/Fives. This team comp is all about controlling turn meter and assists/retaliations.

    For GW, team comp doesn't really matter as you have a solid core of heroes. However, consider adding a fourth healer as it would make your life much easier.
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