Upgrade poggle or ig86 first??

Just about ready to unlock poggle and have a purple gear 4star halfway to 5 ig86. Would it make more sense to use all resources (cantina GW and story on ig to 7) or should I focus the GW on getting poggle up?


  • Think Poggle is fine at 4*. He serves his purpose at a lower level than most.
  • Since poogle's cast wont be infouenced by stars, but ig will, then there you have the answer. Inalways prefer tomdo 5k damage and 2k with a se ond char, than 3k and 3k. Variance is a plus, gives you tools
  • Poggle is solid. His offense up gives you a chance to knockout heavy hitters before a taunt or heal ruins the initiative
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    Yup poggle is an awesome char and I really recommend him
  • You can farm 86 in cantina battles if you want to work on both at the same time.

  • As Preemo said it right, what good is Poggle's buff if there aren't heavy hitters around to leverage it? ;)
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