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did they list anywhere what exactly these buffs do? does +30 defense mean +30 armor or is it calculated diferently, or does it add 30 to all defensive states like evasion, resistance etc?? Does it reduce damage at a flat amount? also the same as offense, what stats does it increase exactly, its always listed as a % amount while defense is a flat amount.


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    This is a very good question, and I hope it gets answered. I'm not a big fan of the illusion of detailed information that we currently see in the game. Lots of numbers are listed, but if we don't know what those numbers mean you are not really telling us anything. I'd like to see details on defense, potency, tenacity, and speed. Without the details it feels like you are planning to pull backend stealth nerfs. I would like to believe this is not the case, so please give us the details.
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    Whoever thought it was okay to not explain what each thing does precisely needs their neck rung
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    Bump because, im still curious =(
  • EA_Jesse
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    Hey @shampoo , I am going to try and setup a Q&A with some team members here in the next week or so. This would be a great question to ask when I host that. Sorry I don't have an answer for you right now :(
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    ok thanks for the reply, looking forward to hearing their responses. right now im not totally convinced about displayed stats, especially that dodge stat lol.
  • DanTom
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    Yes this will help a ton. I'm looking forward to the Q&A
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    I would definitely like to see a stickied Dev post that in depth explains stats, buffs, debuffs, and fly numbers. This game has many similarities to a MMO but we have no idea what anything really means.
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    439-259-888 I have a bad habit of editing my typo's after posting
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    I can help with some of that.



    I've tested damage and mitigation in every possible way with much collaboration. It's not as simple as Physical damage x ability level damage bonus - armor = Health Loss. In the recent patch notes there's apparently a hidden base damage field that is not show in-game. I suspect that number will be the way to stealth balance characters. We hope to have it figure out soon and include in the database.
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