Dooku + Phasma in pvp

Not hard but as I knew
Leader ability is 16%
Double attack chance is 40%
Make Jedi stun or ability block is 45%

But in pvp they keep using these
Anyone share their experience about these two guys


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    Phasma is fun, Dooku isn't imo. That's my experience :)
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    It does seem that way. I've read on here that pvp Ai isn't geared any different but it does feel like they proc a lot more especially lumi dodge leader ability.

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    Against my team (Lumi, Sid, Ahsoka, Dooku, JC) the combination of Dooku + Sid + Phasma is pretty tough to fight against. I know there are plenty of teams to fight that combination, but I haven't gotten mine there yet. I have to be very careful to manage the fights or they get away from me pretty quickly. Toss in a glass cannon and Poe, and the team is even harder to beat with my comp. I'm definitely making some adjustments there and adding in other heroes to prepare for those teams.
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    Any Multi Attacker plus Phasma is a great combo, but more so Dooku since he also gains turn meter.
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