Crippled by Indecision

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F2P player feeling a little stuck.

Currently I'm running a pretty run-of-the-mill 6* level 60 maxed gear team with Sidious leading Lumi, JC, Daka, and Dooku (okay, Dooku is only 5*). This team is good enough for me to finish between 7-20 in my server's arena on a daily basis with no crystal refreshes in that department.

In the meantime, I've been farming Phasma from GW, Fives from Cantina shipments, and Kylo from Cantina missions, with the plan of eventually rounding out a Phasma-led counter/assist team with Dooku and Daka for multi-attack and stuns. The new guys are all in the 3-5* range, max level and fully geared, abilities ranked 3-6, and getting close to prime time. I got impatient and took them out for a trial run.

Very unimpressive performance. It dawned on me that my team lacks a strong healer and relies on taking hits to thrive. I could continue leveling up my team as planned and see how they perform when fully maxed out. I've toyed with the idea of swapping out Daka for a proper healer like Lumi, but the fact of the matter is that marginally increasing that team's survivability isn't going to have a huge impact if I don't have anyone capable of providing some burst damage.

I've been farming Assajj in Arena shipments for lack of a better option, so I could throw her in with Dooku and Daka and ???? for a stun heavy assist team, or I was thinking of going full assist.

I have an unlocked 3* Tusken Raider (assist and turn meter reduction) who would be easy to farm up to 6-7 after I finish with Phasma. I also have the uber-farmable IG-86 unlocked, along with the slightly less but still impressively farmable Geonosian Solider unlocked and slightly ranked up in ability and gear (IG and GS are still at 1* unfortunately). While farming IG/GS I could also switch my Cantina shipment purchases to Poe, to finish out the squad with some more turn meter control and a modicum of protection for the glass cannons IG or GS. Then there's Greedo with multi-attack in arena shipments, but from what I've seen and read he's pretty meh. I'm also slowly but surely farming Rey (40/80 to unlock) to replace either the tank or DPS in the aforementioned build.

I could also just save those shipments for the allegedly incoming update and wait to see what new synergies and strategies it brings, but I have to farm SOMEONE in Cantina Missions so that energy doesn't go to waste.

Any thoughts/suggestions/feedback from players who have experimented, run with, or regularly faced similar squads? Unfounded opinions from those who haven't?

Option 1:
Phasma lead
Kylo Ren

Option 2
Phasma lead

Option 3
Phasma lead
Tusken Raider
IG-86/Geonosian Soldier
Poe/Lumi/remainder of IG or GS

In any of the above, Rey will hopefully replace weakest link eventually.


  • Randall
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    I run Phasma (6*), Sidious(7*), Luminara(7*), Kylo(5*), and Dooku(4*). Luminara's heal comes with 2 turns of HoTs, so if you do it a little early its actually a good thing, she heals way way more than Daka. Although I have thought about Daka because stuns on assists is a real thing, I think she would only work with a taunter (on defense) because she is so fail.
    Maybe something like...Phasma, Han, Daka, FOTP, Kylo.
    I think you also need a top tier DPSer at that point because Phasma, Han, and Daka don't do a whole lot, but if you could get some extra stuns and have Han face tank and provide meter for the FOTP to do his thing it would work.

    I know exactly what you mean about needing strong burst damage. I really wish my FOTP was 5+ stars so I could use him instead of Dooku, I think that is the solution. Luke maybe a good replacement as well.

    WhipiT suggested fives in place of another DPSer and Dooku being amazing with extra assists, but I have never seen multi attack call 2 assists or a counter call an assist, so I think Dooku doesn't have the value he placed. Similarly I think fives has less value than he placed. Dont get me wrong Dooku does +15% dmg on assists and fives slow on basic works well with Phasma, its just not as many assists as he made it sound like.

    For defense Fives is probably stronger but under player control its probably better sub another DPSer and I think Dooku needs to go in favor of someone who hits harder.

    Something like
    Kylo Ren

    pick 2
    FOTP, Rey, Luke, Geonosian Solider, Sidious

    I feel Sidious is low on the that list, I think you need at least 1 hero who can hit 1 target really hard, Sidious high damage comes via AoE.
  • Daezl
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    I have Kylo fully geared at 5* level 60 with all abilities 4-6 and I'm just really underwhelmed by him so far. His large HP pool seems to be mitigated by weak armor so that he can't really take all that many hits, meanwhile his cool down reset doesn't usually proc for me unless I'm using it against someone with a counter so for the most part he is very middle of the road except in a rare set of circumstances.

    I like Dooku because he is a solid mix of damage, multi-attack, speed, and control. I've also been pretty successful farming his shards.

    Fives is tanky, his speed down is great, and his assist could come in super handy IF you have someone strong to call in, but I'm not convinced that all that justifies his low damage in this squad.

    I don't really see FOTP in my future. I'm already spread pretty thin there with Rey, Dooku, and Anakin (don't ask me why, I couldn't tell you if I wanted to) and I've only three starred one of FOTP's missions (Dark Side is impossible for me at the moment).

    I'm really curious about running with no healer or control and loading this team up with GS/TR/IG for a bunch of assist chances to proc extra Phasma assists and some strong burst damage, possibly replacing one of those with Poe for turn meter control and glass cannon protection. I just don't want to be starting three fifths of my squad from scratch!
  • The_Oklahoma_Kid
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    Tusken is a great addition to a team.
  • My team is

    Phasma 5*
    Asajj 7*
    Kylo 7*
    Lumi 7*
    Daka 6*

    I can finish top 5 usually, I'm finding the competition is evening out and I'm dropping down to the 40's overnight. It's interesting you mentioned Greedo, I haven't thought of his Phasma synergy but he could probably be a FTP Leia replacement.

    For me the first team you listed is the weakest. It would be good against an AOE team but that's it. All you have to do is focus down Daka first, then single target the rest one by one.

    I think unless you go glass cannon with a tank, you really have to run Lumi with Daka.
  • Are you sure you want to have your team around Phasma? Han acts like a Phasma but lets tou team live longer. The problem I have with Phasma is that unless you make hugebuse of the turn meter you are stuck with little advantage.

    I would gonwith IG-86, third option. It eill synergize if you ever wanted a Droid team, plus does 6k+ on it's special and the call an ally, and consistently crits 4k+ on his regular. There's more, with cap shifted to 70 he gains +30% potency and a lot of additional offensive power and maybe even more. He is essy tontake to 7* which lends you a 9k+ HP roboto that isn't so squishy.
  • Randall
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    I have my team around Phasma because on defense assist procs very frequently. I think that is how you build defense team, take the lowest percent rng odds with the biggest payout and win.
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