CT fives or St han?

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My Team

Phasma (G10)
Qgj (G10)
GS (G10)
ST han (G9)
Royal guard (G8) getting royal guard to gear 9 soon.

CT fives is gear 9 right now I will use omega on his first ability if I use him in arena

so my question is is Fives better in my Team or would St han be better?

I will be buying Droid caller if I see one in shipments for royal guard, and using guild coins for St han for gear 10 if I keep him.


  • Fives over Han buttttt you should take phasma lead Han rg fives qgj
  • Toukai
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    Based on who I fight in arena, I would say ST Han + RG is really only good when paired with super high DPS (Rey, GS, QGJ).

    ST Han + RG combined can keep your two dps from dieing. Thats what they are there for.

    If you pull ST Han out of your lineup for 5s, you're not really gaining much on defense. If anything you're opening yourself to being more of a target. With only RG around and no dodges from Dooku/Ben to help your dps, most people will just start on GS/QGJ, get them to 60%, then finish them. Or they will just QGJ purge your RG if one of them drops below 50%.

    5s is slower than most, and he is really good for the double taps. I just think in a mature server you'll be targeted more because 5s can be easily controlled by an enemy RG or Daka. At least with ST Han + RG, you are forcing your enemy to focus them instead of your DPS first.
  • Han is a taunt who does not have to taunt. He gets focused on before taunt do to the TM. RG can protect him. The AI is dumb though and Han taunts after RG protects and Han is dead no gain. The good is as Han is getting hit your others are not. You don't have huge DPS. Q is decent, GS omega on Swarm is nice, but basic is middle of the road.

    Me personally I would pull Han and add 5's. You have 3 Assisters. Plus Phasma lead. Lots of chance to Speed down by 5's and RG, added stun, double tap. If you Have Q basic Omega there is that TM. GS can self buff. The assist synergy is good there. RG can protect. 5's is a last stand guy. Not a huge threat, but can be an end of the fight gem and annoyance.
  • Getting Different views I'm defo keeping Gs his omeged on all abilities and hitting well I might just keep that current team for the time being
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