Level 80 daily reward (Credits)

For completing daily activities you only receive 700 credits, I don't see the point in even given any credits at all as 700 is literally nothing for a level 80 even for a level 1 maybe 100k credits? or so would be good even 50k but 700 seems pretty pointless just my opinion.


  • Timitock
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    I tend to agree.
  • I agree. It should be at the very least 10,000 agree?
  • Stabshimi
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    700 is equivalent to like picking up a penny in real life. Can't do much with it
  • Seriously though what was they thinking "Lets give them a 700 reward also" Thanks I guess. lol
  • Aero
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    It's a hold over from the beginning of the game when it took 1M to go from 1 to 60 (then max). When you hit level 80 the daily "train a character" and "gear a character" are removed and those rewards get combined with the "complete all"
  • papnwors
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    All credit rewards are practically useless besides GW and still those are the same as level 40. Months of farming, playing and progressing and the same rewards, it's laughable.

    Bronze cards as well, same credits from level 1-80. It's really past the point of acceptable.
  • I absolutely agree.
    Make a poll, devs look into them and take ideas out of them.
  • Divona
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    I'm not even near 80 but current daily credit rewards even in mid levels like 50+ is pathetic. It feels like EA wants us to spend extra money just for credits.
  • RU486
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    Look on the positive side, collect it for 100 days in a row and you can level up someone 1/4 of the level meter..........maybe.
  • Fid
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    Divona wrote: »
    It feels like EA wants us to spend extra money just for credits.

    ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! This is pretty much it, that and to moderate progress. Agreed though, they could do a level/need weighted reward system, even just a simple one, like a small multiplier to the base, to keep the rewards a bit more relevant and smooth the progress curve a little.

  • Can someone explain me why we can't sell our useless items to win credits like we did months ago?
  • Onetime7979
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    I Made a poll so don't Really need this thread open.
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