Aayla Secura event seems bugged

The Aayla Secura event seems to be skimping on the rewards. I'm only getting the minimal, roughly 1-2 character shards, per victory after each battle.


  • Are you new to this game? Because ridiculously stingy rewards are the norm.
  • The event description states you can get 1 - 5 shards per victory.
  • OnJouney
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    It's interesting that I always get a better reward in the tier 2 then I do in tier 3 :
  • Timitock
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    Did we really need another thread about this?
  • It's not possible rewards for one fight it's possible rewards if you spend 650 crystals and do it seven times
  • I did notice the stun on my Leia persisted through rounds

    Still won of course
  • Yes, this event is bugged. Sometimes I get 150K+ credits and 5 shards for one and like 2 for another character and sometimes I only got 50K and only like 3 shards for one character for finishing the same hardest stage (without resets).
  • I've gotten either 1, 2, or 5 shards per event try, and credit rewards ranging from 20k ~ 120k the tier level seems to have no relationship to the amount of reward you get.
    However, this morning I swear I got 7 JKG shards as a Tier 3 reward. Can anyone confirm this is possible? I also am running a fever and don't trust what I saw.
  • I got 6 Aayla shards on tier 2 a couple days ago. It's usually been 1-2, though. I think maybe 2 of one and 1 of another once.
  • Tier 3, sorry. And that's the first time since the first day that I got Aayla shards on tier 3.
  • Wholf
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    Well it could be worse. The only team I have access to in this event requires lucky rng to just finish it. Thanks to the turn meter carrying over update.
    It could end as quickly as entering the second round with low turn meter and getting oneshot thanks to the turn meter boost.
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