Rancor Kibbles!

Is your lil' rancor hungrier than a Sarlaac on a Tuesday? Try Rancor Kibbles! Full of Jedi goodness!

"Mmm, tastes like Gungans!"

"But it's good for you, too!"

And it comes in fun shapes: Darth Maul heads, Gamorrean snouts, Count Dooku lightsabers, Yodas, and droid parts! They're so good, you'll lose your marbles like Kylo Ren getting whipped by a lousy scavenger from Jakku [who seems oddly overpowered in a certain mobile game we all know and love]!

Rancor Kibbles... brought to you by the makers of Hutt Snax, the Squirmy Treat that's Neat to Eat!

To all you visually creative fans out there: feel free to reply with an image (or link to one or what have you, not exactly sure how that works in these forums) of your concept of what a box of Rancor Kibbles would look like. I wish I could offer some kinda prize for the best submission, but... I can't, sorry. It's just for funsies. But what fun, eh?


  • Man, nobody's buying these Kibbles... I'll throw in a free tauntaun skin blanket with every purchase! Made from authentic tauntaun! They don't smell too badly on the inside!

    May contain tauntaun intestine pieces. Please consult your doctor before using. Discontinue use if rash appears or if desire to crush the life out of people with your mind to punish their disturbing lack of faith develops.
  • Snake2
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    Can you make a tauntaun comforter?
  • Sure, I'll just stuff it with ewok tails. I'm sure Ol' Man Lucas has plenty of 'em lying around the Ranch, the way he rode their butts into the '80s.

    Speaking of, what's an ewok team without that one from the cartoon, Wicket? Y'all remember that? Get on it, devs!
  • GrampaSimpson
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    Rancor: I dunno, I think I'm getting tired of eating the same people every day...

    Jabba the Hutt: Why do you say that, old boy? I thought you rather enjoyed that wookie I had miniaturized for you.

    Rancor: Enh, I found him to be a little Chewie...

    I know, I know. I'm so sorry. Couldn't help myself. Since y'all won't buy no Kibbles anyway...
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  • I'm hungry! >:)
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  • Says the rancor, pretty much as soon as he sees my Ashoka Tano every time.
  • Says the rancor, pretty much as soon as he sees my Ashoka Tano every time.

    He says that upon seeing my Yoda or Phasma. Only 2 he ever really eats.
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