Jedi Consular vs. Luminara Unduli

On more than one occasion I've read that Jedi Consular is great through the end game and that farming his shards should be a priority. I'm not going to disagree with that. But the problem I've run into is that now that I have both of these characters at an equal level with equal gear and also both at three stars I fail to see how I would ever slot Jedi Consular over Luminara. She has a superior heal ability and ability block.

Currently my PVP squad consists of:
Leader Barriss Offee
Count Doku
Old Daka
Luminara Unduli

I just don't see where I'd put Jedi Consular which would relegate him to my light side squad only and considering that you need 20 MK 5 Nubian Security to get his gear to level 6 it may be awhile until I get around to doing much more with him. If anyone has any other thoughts or feels I'm misguided please chime in. Thanks!

see below for a comparison of max stats


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    They're both really awesome characters. It's a hard choice. I'm running a similar squad, but I don't have a Barriss. So, my choice is easy; I run both. I'm in a position where my Consular is 5* and my Luminara is 3*, so personally I might go with Consular if I had to choose between them. However, once they were equal, I'm not really sure which I'd go with. That being said, Consular is going to hit 7* before Luminara hits 6* so that won't happen until they're both maxed.
  • It's a tough choice between Consular and Luminara.

    Both have their own advantages.

    On the one hand Luminara does solid damage with her Force attack which also has a chance to land Ability Lock on a character, and she has a strong heal (on a 4 turn cooldown) that has an additional heal upon a characters next turn.

    On the other hand, Consular does decent damage with his Force attack (which can heal him a little), as well as a decent heal that isn't as strong as Luminara's but you can upgrade it to permanently reduce the cooldown to 3 turns. Not only that, his upgraded basic attack has a 25% chance to reduce all his cooldowns by 1 turn. Sometimes having the ability to heal again after 2 turns is the difference between a win and a loss.

    So you can see both characters bring their own utility to the table and it's up to you to decide which one is more beneficial to you and your team.
  • Ah this makes sense.. I wasn't aware of the difference in cooldowns. Sometimes you get hit hard and have to use multiple heals. Getting one back after two turns could be a game changer. Ability block is also a game changer. It's like she's the **** child of Jedi Consular and Old Daka.
  • Just a thought is it a viable option to play around with replacing Chewie with Consular since you are not using Chewie for his leader abilities anyways. Chewie only really redirects attacks and provides some defense up possibilities which can be super annoying and strong in the early to mid game but seems like many people may replace him later on with aoe or strong attack choices.
  • Swap chewbacca for consular in the long run, as it is unlikely u will need a tank... I hate it when people call him a counsellor... A consular and a consular are entirely different
  • My PVP team is:
    Phasma 5* LEADER
    Kylo 5*
    Sidious 5*
    Luminara 5*
    Jedi Consular 4* ( not very levelled but I'm starting cos his gear can go much higher than the others)

    Light side
    QGJ 3* (IK but I am getting him up)
    Luke 3* (soon to be replaced by windu)
    Luminara 5*
    Chewbacca 4*
    Jedi consular 4*
  • My dark side team is better but I don't have a viable healer bar taila
  • Talia
  • My advice would be to keep Lumi JC and Barriss all close in everything. You will probably find Lumi the best overall, with JC a close second and Barriss great situationally. That's where I'm at with it right now.
  • For PVP it's all about the rest of your team and preference really, both have their strengths.

    But in my opinion, JC is far, far, FAR superior in GW long term. Due to his ability (as others have said) to have almost no cooldown on his heal, he can be really useful. Sometimes if you have assist attacks or Phasma as leader, JC can completely get rid of his cooldowns between turns.

    Lumi is also great in GW, and I use her in the biggest hardest battles, but my team in GW is usually:

    Phasma, Sid, QGJ/GS, JC, Daka.

    I swap Lumi in for JC if I'm up against a really tough team, but the fact that her cooldown is so long, you often can't rely on her multiple battles in a row.

    As others have said, I'd get rid of Chewie and play both for the moment. Level both as much as possible, and leave the decision about which to put in PVP for later down the line once you get other toons.
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