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    So again I read such nonsense from people. GW isn't tactical anymore blabla, less fun blabla.
    Again with the honorable mention that it is despised to use FC..
    BUT retreating in a battle after the enemy blew all his specials and Dot's on you, is considered fair and "honorable"? Right... The retreat option was broken obviously or did you really enjoy a basic attack vs basic attack only?

    If you could dodge all debuffs by retreating, might as well make it simpler.It makes 0 sense and proves you people are just whining to whine.
    It's just as easy as it was, only thing you can't cheat out of is the dots/cd's on specials. Self proclaimed saints that used this bad designed retreat and now whine cause it has been fixed. Good job on making a fool of yourself.

    Clearly you don't understand the difference between retreating from a position after one of your team gets shot in the leg, and then coming in when they aren't expecting it, vs. rewinding time "Edge of Tomorrow" style and knowing where the bullets will hit.

    Maybe I am old school. Intry something and if I fail, Intry again. I don't swap warriors in Mortal combat, mario bros, elite, double dragon, etc. Each battle is a milestone. It has always been like this in gaming. Maybe they bring retreat back. i just don't see how resetting cools down artificially, and alll that engineering means beating thenother team fairly. It's not likenit's 20 vs 5. It's 5 vs 5: pick your team wisely.

  • I can say this: IF the devs would ever NERF Luminara (heil to the queen) this game will be over.. Instantly..
  • That also happens in every other battles mode, but you get the reward for 3*.
    My name is cosmicturtle333, aka CT-333, aka Threes.
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    Old GW was like a chores.

    1. You retreat when the other side squirt their load of dots onto you.
    2. You retreat when enemy tank moan at you with their taunt.
    3. Now repeat 1 and 2 for the next battle.
    4. Someone continue with force close

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    There's always the Ewok elder. :P
  • I actually find the new GW more fun.
  • Just finished my 1st post patch gw and if I am correct I got 4 purple mats in total. Think it has always just been 2 or am I wrong?
  • That also happens in every other battles mode, but you get the reward for 3*.

    Not that there were different rewards for different star count. But yeah, you actually get 3 stars if someone dies and revives.
  • I've been grinding the game daily since late November/Early December, so obv level 60. Never paid a cent, never planning on paying a cent. I too was really annoyed waking up today to find the new GW update, but I gave it a shot. I used 8 total characters to finish the entire thing, and found it actually more challenging, and more fun. Here's why.
    Firstly, the heroes I used: Luminara 7*, GC 5*, Old Daka 5*, Cpt Phasma 5*, Luke 5*, Kylo 4*, Darth 4*, Savage Opress 4*
    1) New GW actually requires you to look at the opponent's squad prior to entering the battle. Prior to the update, I just went in, pressed Auto and paused to retreat when needed, in all but the last battle, which I played manually. Now, realizing I had to consider the opponent before forming my squad, things got much more interesting, as I need to -
    2) Form a squad that will not only beat the opponent, but win 5-0 and do it quickly and efficiently. This extra level of strategy really made me think about how each battle should be approached differently. If I see that I need extra stun power, Luke got in. If I needed more AOE, Kylo and Darth got inserted. If I needed an extra body against a high power team, Savage got a spot. This was surprising, as I have NEVER used Savage to beat GW, and today I found that I gave him a roster spot in the final 3 battles.
    3) I think that I learned more about the game playing GW today than the last two weeks combined. Knowing that I made some crucial errors early in the game (such as investing a lot of energy into characters I, retrospectively, have never used again, as well as investing zero thought into synergies), my approach has always been - get in as much force as possible, add some healers, and pray for the best. Now, I see how important noticing turn meters is, because:
    4) you can earn so many turns just by figuring out who goes next, and trying to stun them. Also, in case someone has a tank in their squad, you can disable their ability and make that tank into cannon fodder so easily.
    5) By the time I finished GW today, the game wasn't even that difficult due to how much I've learned. I'm really happy the update was made, and think that in the long run, everyone will benefit from putting their minds into the game, and figuring out how to improve your odds in winning every match. Nobody likes changes, but you have to make the most of it. I advise everyone to do the same.
  • > Oh and ideally get rid of the force close issue

    Why? the abomination that was the retreat was more akin to cheating than anything else. It was broken, and only now you ask them to tonfix it with getting your chars dead in the background. Sorry.

    I agree but if retreat didn't remove buffs etc as I said then it would be a better option imo and wouldn't be "cheating"

    I just finished the gw and only retreated once (my own stupid mistake)You can still send in a low level party and make the Ai use its specials and let your team be wiped.

    In a sense it's almost like retreat you are just sacrificing low toons to clear the buffs etc.

    I don't think force close option was the best answer. I personally think my option would be the better but might be a lot harder to implement
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    I totally agree! I finished my 1st post patch gw with lumi, daka, JC, Sid and Dooku. Just for one fight against a strong droid/poggle combo I used my nukers + JC.
    Only used the retreat a few times to make sure fights end with everyone in a decent state (in case the next node might be a nightmare).

    And indeed it is now much more useful to use specials in the right situation. Like ability blocking a vader after he and Sid fully doted you.
    So now you are actually playing the games and not just blindly nuke someone while evading buffs and debuffs. Also the exploitation of turn meter advantage with high speed squads felt odd.

    Nevertheless I feel for new players and those not having 2-3 good healers close to max yet... as this seems to be even more important now.
    Since I also miss the subbing in and out during fight stuff I would still prefer the old retreat mechanism enhanced with a preservation of the buffs/debuffs and turn meter status!
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    I'm level 49 and facing people 10 levels above me. I don't care what squad you have, it's nigh impossible to beat a team THAT much higher than you without the old retreat function. The game just got stupid, it's not what I paid for and I want my money back. Telling any and all friends I reccommended the game to that I take it back, EA takes your money and then screws you over.

  • No bro...They did not increase it...You usually will get :
    - 3x FIXED Purple mats from the last three rounds (round 10-12)
    - RANDOM numbers of ability purple mats from the rest of the round...

    Once, If im not wrong, I got 5 in total...
  • At last - someone with a mature view point - and they can see the game is better this way!
  • I don't see the GW changes as too terrible. I just wanted to post my thoughts as I'm sure many others have done / will do.

    It'll take some adjustments but it will work out.
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    I think it's not force close vs retreat. It's that manybwill miss retreat mid battle. What amises menis that the reason anything changes is because people complain and call ither cheaters, slackers, cheesers, lazy dogs, etc. closing the app (even if not documented) was ok and so was retreat (even with it's huge defects, and that also wasn't know by many many people).

    The thing I don't uderstand is those that make it their job to limit options to others. Like @Terrorize89 and many others, always vigilant of what others do....

    +1. I suspect they already have maxxed GW shipment toons and are closing the gate behind them.

    Not really bro @Jabberwocky....In facts, they do not do so well...they could not complete GW,do not have a good team synergy (rank between 200-100) and only spent a few bucks to get DOOKU packs....They did like that so some people (In this case F2P who are lucky to complete GW daily or P2P with only a little luck with GW and the game) to go down with them....

    They could not improve themselves step by step (slowly)...thats why they bring others with them....just my experiences after arguments and seeing many posts and discussion from those people (I. E Terrorize89, Miss doll, and many others)

  • Jsnazz wrote: »
    The developers released an ingenious fix that address the retreat/fc abuse. Lets move on and enjoy the game that way it was meant to be played.

    This is coming from a level 50 F2P ( 0 penny spend) that completed GW.

    Ingenious? More like lazy. They didn't even put it in the patch notes. Devs be like "People on the forums have spoken! We have two problems, 1) retreat resets buffs and debuffs, 2) people are bypassing the save function by FCing. Hmm, we designed GW so you can swap characters in and out but it seems too difficult to save buffs and debuffs(look for CG's reply about that in earlier threads as he alludes to it). I know the quick solution, let's make the exploit(yes it's an exploit. Anyone who's played any game with an autosave knows that pulling the plug if you've done something you didn't want to do before a game saves is an exploit) the new way to retreat! Win-win" NOT. As in not fun anymore.
  • @BOB0_FETT maybe ur just not that good at this game...
  • I had a similar experience and while it isn't as much fun right now, it will be once we get more diverse teams in play. I had a well built droid team and that was fun. I don't have Luke high enough yet but he would be great for extra stuns.

    I don't have him leveled but which fights are you using savage to counter?
  • @Dani267 I was winning it consistently when retreating was a strategy. Can't win it when all it is is luck with crits/stuns against a team 10 levels higher than me.
  • What i think they should have done is kept the retreat but not allow it to remove debuffs, taunts etc. Also anyone negative effects stay on your character and if you swap them out then they lose health even while not being used and eventually die and only way to remove is to bring them back in an clear.

    That would have been better imo but probably a lot harder to do.

    Oh and ideally get rid of the force close issue.

    Ok troll post then....
  • @BOB0_FETT so what? I think it's fair u can win against a team that's 10levels higher? It's like a local sportsteam against FC Barcelona and the local team can play with 48 players.. Deal with it!
  • Ah okay, thanks for clarifying this to me!
  • How are you beating gw? I have all purple, all 6 or 7*, Dooku, Sid, JC, Leia, and Kit. Level 61 now. I switch out Kit with Luminari sometimes. I have backups. I usually barely get by 7 fights. The enemies get ridiculous and kill my entire team even at full health in one turn.
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    First off, I can barely understand your atrociously mangled english, please consider going back to high school.
    Secondly, if it's "fair" for me to lose to a team 10 levels above me (which I actually agree with you on that) then don't make a game mode that intentionally pits me against them. In a straight-up fight a level 49 team will not beat a level 58 team without an inordinate amount of luck. So either I can spend hours resetting it now until I get my ultimate lucky crit/stun combos, or I have no chance and should not be forced to fight a team that much higher than me. But to make a game mode where I'm expected to lose and think it fair is incredibly stupid, makes the game less fun, and is overall a bad move.
    Edit: also, you can't use all 48 at once. It's retrying squads of 5 now. No combination of 5 local people, no matter how many times you reset the line-up, will ever stand a chance against FC Barcelona.
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    Maybe you missed that Devs responded in the big thread and explained why this didn't make it into the patch notes. It wasn't about "being lazy".

    And I disagree entirely that shutting a game off is an exploit. But that discussion has been going down in this forum for weeks now. Not touching it again.
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    Sure, server patch. Whatever floats your boat.
  • How is that a troll post?
  • I use 7* lumi(lead) 7* sid 5* dooku ,ren and JC to beat galactic war before and after the update. All 60 lvl fully geared. I didn't really need anything else to beat it this time too. At one particular fight(7-8 or 9 as I remember) with a high damage team I tried to retreat and found out it was changed. It was annoying for that fight but I managed somehow and still finished GW without a big hindrance.
  • Cpt_Krob6 wrote: »
    How are you beating gw? I have all purple, all 6 or 7*, Dooku, Sid, JC, Leia, and Kit. Level 61 now. I switch out Kit with Luminari sometimes. I have backups. I usually barely get by 7 fights. The enemies get ridiculous and kill my entire team even at full health in one turn.

    Try this, Dooku (L), Sid, JC, Lumi and Poe. I feel Kit is incredibly useless and Leia could be used in the first battles where her burst would net incredible DPS and in the last battles.
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