Best character out of galactic war shipment?

Who should I go for?


  • Luminara imo
  • Any reason why? Looks like a consular clone
  • Luminara is a best bet because she has good turn based heal, hits hard, has nuke with ability block, easier to starred since you can farm her on a mission coupled with galactic war shipment and you can never go wrong with another healer for your team in galactic war battles.
    Though if you already have Bariss or old Daka and thinking you dont need another healer, you can go for any other character you want.
  • Keaven
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    It really depends on how you want to play the game.
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    Luminara. She's amazing. She's a full-strength attacker with an great heal and a nuke that hits like a truck and applies ability block. She's classified as an Attacker rather than a Healer for good reason.
  • Keaven wrote: »
    It really depends on how you want to play the game.

    This is simply not true. If it was 100% cosmetic or if everyone did 1 damage, then use its whoever you want. The reality is some characters are better than others and by a long shot. Min/max is the true goal.
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