Why does it say 600/600 personal contribution but then give a lower number in the daily contribution

Can we get this fixed?


  • yes please ppl are getting kicked by leaders based on that, we had 2 very active members kicked for under contribution beacause the chat remembers to few lines so the leader and one office never saw their posts... also the guild chat should remember triple the number of posts it does at the moment...and maybe allow a private message in inbox/mail/ingame form for private messages...just brainstorming here
  • I'm an officer in a T7 guild and this is really frustrating. The daily coin tracking is a great tool to see who is contributing and who is not however their are too many bugs with it. It's extremely difficult to tell if someone has not been contributing energy or has bugged out. This is what I've learned:

    1.After guild reset, the coin counter does not reset for another 2-3 minutes. Players often save up energy before reset, and start spending when the next activity hits. If they were at 600 and do this right after reset, you will notice their daily coin count start to exceed 600, until the counter resets and brings their total back to 0. If they spent 600 energy in those first 3 minutes, they'll be 600/600 for the new day but show 0 in guild management. Quite a few members spend at least the energy they have saved up right away, so their numbers won't match up.

    2.Adding/Removing players to your guild seems to bug everything out that day. You can spend 120 energy and your total won't change.

    I really wish they'd fix this. It's a great feature but not if it doesn't work half the time.
  • @CerealKiller exactly. I want a tab in chat for officers to chat aside of the general full chat. Some sort of PM would be good as well but at least a officer chat section.

    @Kurt0717 I totally agree. If they cant get these features to work properly than they need to remove then until they work accurately for people are affected by this glitchy ****
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