Bonus attack and counter team?

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I was thinking about running a team focused on bonus attacks and counters. It would be Phasma lead with qgj, ig86, fives and dooku. All 7* gear lvl 9. Fives is omega.

Thoughts and suggestions?


  • Check_It
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    At some point I would consider dropping dooku for a Gs but I've never really farmed him or trained him.
  • I just got destroyed in gw vs this team
    Dooku lead
    Dodge,dots,speed down, defense down, counter attacks, stuns. Add in offense up for them when I miss. It was unbelievable. When I was actually able to land an attack outside of stun and dodge, 5's hit 2 to 3 times with offense up on a counter due to Phasma aoe speed down. Brutal. No way to kill someone with 30,000 hp when you do 2,000 on attack and they counter with 3,000-5,000 damage 2 to 3 times.
  • Karrde
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    I like Phasma, QGJ and Fives, but I've never liked IG, far too squishy, and dooku is more of an annoyance than a threat when not leading. GS improves this for sure, in place of IG, and I'd either be going for more DPS in Rey or a tank in RG or St Han to round it out in place of dooku. Nasty!
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  • I'm thinking of working on the following lineup,

    Phasma lead
    Kylo Ren

    Counters, stuns and assists but not much dps so I'm thinking of swapping Kylo for a big hitter but not sure where to go with it. I'd like to find a place in there for QGJ but he tends to get killed quickly
  • Phasma has good synergy with Omega Fives with speed down. Fives, Dooku and possibly Kylo have a counter. Daka and Dooku stun so it all looks good synergy wise but I can't see them taking down a squad with RG in it
  • Akster
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    Check_It wrote: »
    I was thinking about running a team focused on bonus attacks and counters. It would be Phasma lead with qgj, ig86, fives and dooku. All 7* gear lvl 9. Fives is omega.

    Thoughts and suggestions?

    Seems way way too squishy.
  • I run:

    Lead: Phasma

    I built it on BASIC bonus attacks. It may be squishy but, if lord RNGesus supplies, it's attacks for days. Not to mention the stuns and counters.

    Best bonus attack would be with Aayla and then her basic calls Leia in, and she then attacks three times.

    So, one possibility is:

    Dooku double stuns, which calls in Aayla, which calls in Leia for 3x. That's a dead character, with technically one attack.

    Wondering if the chain even has to stop there or not...

    I'm beating people 2k power over me in SA. Once Greedo is replaced with FO Tie I think it will be even better.

    Although, I read that it's possible for Greedo to attack infinitely. Is that true?
  • Smapty
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    Phasma lead with Dengar and Aayla can lead to some fun assist/ counterattack combos... I'd probably throw in QGJ for the taunt dispel and offense up and a tank of some sort (Hoth soldier, sun fac or Gam guard to fit the theme)
  • I've been working on something similar:
    IGD (L)

    I haven't been able to acquire Kit yet as he's only available in chromium packs and sometimes shipments, so I've been substituting Lumi and it works quite nicely.
  • VirtraThrad
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    You want bonus attacks? You need leia. For some theory craft, why not:

    Phasma (L)
    Sun Fac

    You get the assist chance from phasma's ability, plus her advantage move. Fives and qgj both summon assists. Leia has chance to triple attack. Sun Fac is tankiest tank, with counter, debuff, dispel, and self heal. Fives has counter and double tap on speed down targets, and Phasma can inflict mass speed down. Also qgj adds another dispel with a team offense boost.

    Looks solid on paper. Would love to see it tested.
  • I will like the team to be like this.

    Phasma (L)

    HRS is a like a trump card in a Team, he can increase the TM of the entire team, and occasionally stun the opponent. Team having 3 stunners, is bad a**.
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