Does anyone find Events useful?

So I reached 52 and unlocked the Events feature.
Most underwhelming feature ever.
What an epic waste of energy.
Spent 50 energy to slaughter a few evoks for some 100k gold and got 0 XP.

50 energy @ 400 per refill costs 166 gems.
So a gold event costs 166 gems and rewards 100k gold.
If I buy the gold directly in that 166 gems I can get 146k gold with chances to crit.

Rather use my energy farming gear thank you for the most useless feature ever.
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    No. No one finds events useful.
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    Seriously rethink the current Event feature.
    I was expecting something like the Grand Arena from Heroes Charge and was really looking forward to it.
    Please give us a feature on those lines goes well with the rest of the game :)
    Haider Level 60. Active player add me: 793-693-543

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    50 energy is just crazy for events. I used it for a while to get the $$$ I needed to level up so e characters. Now it just sits. For a while, it was part of the daily rewards requirements.
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    What a joke.
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    I have a strong feeling that Events as they currently stand were not the intended final product and they got caught out by being pushed to launch earlier than they expected to by EA to cash in on the movie hype.

    Hoping they've got something in the pipeline regarding changes to this.
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