Is Nebit lead better than HK for hybrid droid-Jawa teams?

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I know, it sounds crazy. We droid players love our HK lead and can't imagine anyone else leading our IGs into battle. It's served me well too.

But consider this: Nebit's core lead gives 30% crit chance for both droids and jawas, while Hk's core lead is 30% crit chance for just droids. If you're running 4 droids, no question it's better to go with HK because his other lead ability, 50% TM on a crit, is vastly superior to Nebit's crit chance down for the opponent. But with 3 droids it's a close call...

Take for example a team that might become very popular soon: HK, 86, 88, JE, Nebit. And I think we can all agree that a successful droid squad (in arena) is all about demolishing the opponent on the opening barrage.

Hk's lead only applies to 3 out of 5 toons. Nebit's lead applies to all five...and crit chance down for 3 turns on a crit means when 88 does his opening AoE, you're basically guaranteed to give the entire other team crit chance down for three turns. That's huge. Seems to me that might be more valuable that 88 and HK going again with their basic...and 86 isn't going twice on the opening barrage anyway even with HK lead.

So which would you rather on the opening barrage, an extra HK basic and a 88 basic or crit down for the entire other team for 3 turns (and Nebit and JE get an extra 30% crit chance for the entire battle).

I might still go with HK lead but it's not an easy decision...

Are hybrid Jawa-droid teams the end of mandatory HK lead for droids???


  • I dunno, if you give you HK a little speed up so he goes before 88 and lands a few debuffs then 88 goes with his AOE. That next basic from 88 is probably going to be the finishing blow for one of the opponent's toons...and 30% crit chance for JE doesn't really do anything...i'm still going with HK lead
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    Interesting points.
  • Your main dps is IG 88 and IG 86 though. The Jawas are just there for utility. The TM on crit is too much to pass up imo.
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    Maybe HK lead for offense and Nebit, JE, 88, 86, B2 for defense.
  • The thing is HK and 88 both have AOEs, meaning that under an HK lead with the TM boost they're likely to get back to back moves. Two of your toons, including one of the heaviest DPS in the game (in certain circumstances, like this one) moving back to back is pretty OP.
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    HK lead is a must have. Half their TM on a crit? That's a serious speed bonus and with AoE, it's extremely good.
    Moreover, with 86 and Nebit's assists, you'll get even more turn.

    HK is the way to go. Nebit can only be a leader for a 100% Jawa team, and even then, there are better alternatives.
  • Radical idea here, but what if you generally use HK (L), etc... for most battles, but switch to Nebit (L), 86, Jawa, JE, and Rey (or similar) to go against Rex led teams? As my fellow droid heads know, that TM boost against AOE damage is a killer.
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    HK lead is not about crit, but about TM. Droids do plenty of damage but are very vulnerable. Their only practical defense is shooting first and shooting often. Specifically affects 88. Having him apply his devastating AOE, then immediately hit for 12k on his basic is difference between winning and losing (at least to me).
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  • I overcome my opponents not with the opening barrage, but with sustained heavy fire.

    Not only does it work quite well, but I can't help but to LOVE obliterating my enemies in this manner. On the other hand, we already win by applying tons of debuffs, and crit chance down would be awesome to add to the mix.

    There is also the fact that Palpatine is slowing down our turn meter gains, which does open things up for Nebit.

    This might work with certain teams, I will definitely have to consider it once I have a few more Jawas and Droids available.
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