Old ben

I just unlocked old Ben. Just wondering what people's thoughts are. ..


  • Trust your feelings.
    You have to be a bit of a liar to tell a story the right way.
  • I'm thinkin Arby's...
  • Arbys hot ham and cheese is great when you are *really* loaded.. So is Old Ben.
  • Old Ben + Poe = amazeballs
  • I think he's Chromium only so unless you're a whale, he's doomed to stay 4*.
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  • he's really good with poe against aoe teams
  • Best toon in the game. 4* Ben is more useful then most 7* champs.
  • I think he's Chromium only so unless you're a whale, he's doomed to stay 4*.
    He has hp of a 7* at 4* he's probably the only toon I'm comfortable keeping at 4
  • Nonemo
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    Got my Ben at 6* and he's a great toon really. I like him a lot. Weak hitter but adds so much survivability to your team it's ridiculous.
  • Blam
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    Wish I could farm one :( wanted one since day one to have a Ben, Luke, han, Leia, chewie team. For sentimental reasons
  • Ive maxed out old ben. Here are my problems with his practical applications. 1 he does next to no damage and is almost impossible to kill so why would anyone attack him? His passive "if you strike me down" special ability is useless because he is not a threat so in arena nobody attacks him. Yes his secondary attack is irritating but the effect is only 1 turn and does zero damage. So its not a real threat. Secondly i think his leader ability is broken because after 20 rounds of arena matches i dodged only 3 attacks that where not caused by yoda's insight buff. Doesnt sound like a 15% increase to me considering im running a very dodge heavy team.
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