GW Bug, or is Biggs immortal?

I know GW uses player teams as placeholders and then the AI takes over and the opposition skills we face are not what our version of the same heroes have. That said, team of Biggs, Res P, Rey, Barriss, JC. Took out Rey, then Biggs. Barris threw a heal, Biggs was res' d lol

Ummm ...
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    JC is Jesus C-hrist so there you go.

    lol censored ^
  • In before smiting..
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  • Just had a GW where JC did the same thing, three times in a row, like pre-nerf HK in a JC costume. Now, Daka was present, but she was neither lead or using her ability. JC just... came back, again and again. What the Hutt is that?!

    Oh, but GW ain't bugged. Totally WAI.

    A Couple of Devs Hard at Work
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    Daka's unique allows her to rez people on the spot, out of turn.
  • Oh lord, I knew I should've looked at her abilities really quick before opening my proverbial big mouth. Now I look like an idgit. It's right there in black and white (or, well, blue).

    Still... GW stinks.
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    Ewok elder has the ability to res a fallen toon also
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