Beerpocalypse new members wanted

Hey guys,

Casual to "hardcore", were currently at 36 / 50. We are running T6 raids, were not strong enough for 7 yet unfortunately. Its an active guild and I try to be as fair as possible with starting raids and communicate my intentions through GC.

We do a good job with donating / requesting gear, if we have the spares its only going to make us stronger as a whole.

Generally I start raids in the mornings between 6-9am EST when we gather enough currency and on occasion we will run a T5 for the lower folks. I have the entry now set at level 65.

Looking for some new players to help us become a stronger guild and progress forward.



  • Well, the amount of inquires has been small, are there any mid size guilds that are casual to "hardcore" that want to merge?
  • Would you guys be willing to merge with us. We alternate between t5 and t6 raids. We have about 25-30 active players ranging in level from 65 to 81. About 15 from 70-79 and 10 or so 80+. If you're interested let me know
  • Sent you a PM Korbin.
  • Eclipso Its Carbine_Jagan I left Beerpocalypse and realized we arent allies send me your Id so I can get back into beerpocalpse then transfer to the new guild.
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