Inglorious Blasters need 2 members (f2p only heroic guild)

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edited October 2016
We are the Inglorious Blasters
We are 100% free to play and we have an American and European Guild to accommodate different time zones. Both guilds currently ranked in the 20s
we only do heroic raids.
We share the same chat room on discord and there are almost 100 of us in there.
We are a great community of f2p knowledge.
We are a top guild so we expect everyone to get there 600 daily coins.
We currently need a couple new members. 1 for each guild.
We are pretty laid back and talk **** to each other all the time. We even have a fantasy football league.
Most of us have been together since the beginning so we are a well oiled machine.
We know what it takes to stay on top. A lot of our members finish #1 in arena everyday.
So if you are free to play and are tired of competing against $$$$ come to the blasters. Out of 100 members not a single Rex or Sun Fac between us. Everyone has a fair shot at top rewards.
Send me a message if you are interested and want to know more. Don't miss out on this opportunity. We don't have openings very often.


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