Tier IV Heists: Just What the Hutt Does It Take?!



  • Thank you guys, I appreciate the sincere advice you guys are giving. Even the ones saying "you're doing it wrong", I tend to agree. I've felt something had to be out of place with everything I've put into this crew. As for mods, they're all maxed out, some are only Mk I or II but most III or better. Though they may not be meta in terms of combination/assignment per toon, something I still struggle with in general with mods. I will try a Cad lead, usually I use 88 for his crit chance (for Lando and Greedo) and dots, but perhaps the key is evasion - especially if I sub out Greedo for STHan. I frankly gave up on Han as a useful toon, but I'm ready to try anything at this point.

    Thanks again guys for being mature about my little temper tantrum.

    Now I just wish I had revisited my thread before throwing in the towel and auto-ing Tier 3 again.
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