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    Typical CG development; 1. We create something of which we have no idea how it really works or affects the players, and our own Game. 2. Beside that, we hope and pray to God that there are no bugs, cuz we wouldnt know how to fix them cuz of 1.
  • I was just coming to start this thread if there wasn't one. Thank you for doing it and keeping it civil.

    We've had several guild members hit this issue. The first week we wrote it off as an unintended consequence of the free coins (which is still super not cool, but it happens). It's happening again this week and it's just not ok- guildies doing their part and being locked out of raid rewards, particularly due to an anti-cheat mechanism triggering for folks who are absolutely not cheating (or guild hopping or anything) is just very disengaging.

    Very interested in anything the devs have to say. We thought it might be time zone related? Tough to really test in detail tho.


    Cc: @EA_Jesse , @CG_Kozispoon
  • I also understand that some people are still able to exploit the mechanism by guild hopping into guilds that have different time zones set. So not only are normal players being penalized, it appears that original issue still isn't solved. We've gone backward.

    This is an example where KISS mentality is sorely needed. The logic is too complex to manage on the developer side and on the user side. I'm not even convinced guild hopping was a problem that needed a solution in the first place. If someone is willing to try that hard, then let them have the extra rewards.
  • Finally got an e-mail from customer support about this. Not only did it take a week for them to reply, but basically they told me they couldn't help. Advised me to post on forums, and closed my case. Excellent customer service. So now I can post on the forums and wait another week with probably the same results.
  • Unbelievable CG has not even commented on this yet. This is a major bug and needs to be fixed asap.
  • Just try to bump posts in general discussion about it and hope they get some more visibility. This has been going on for a while and the silence is maddening.
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    I'm sorry to hear y'all are experiencing this issue. In order to investigate further, could you please reply to this thread with your ally code and the name of your guild? Thanks!
    Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
  • 794-443-749 SHATTERPOINT
    Was locked out of (1) reward #8.
  • Ally code 658-488-454
    Guild Straw Hats
  • 188-643-972
    Guild: Straw Hats
  • 393-574-545

  • 716-462-881
    Mighty Chlorians
  • DeathStarVentDesigners
  • Looks like this has become the main thread for this.

    Mighty Chlorians
  • 942-688-329
  • 262-697-656
    It happened when I was in League of Deadly Sith (I'm in The Mighty PSi now)
    I also have a pending EA support case if you want that #, just let me know.
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    Been in same guild since guilds were first introduced into game and I am being locked out of rewards. It stinks. :(

    Now I'm kinda of glad I didn't join ;)
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