Has Cad bane already had a re-work?

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Hi all :)

Has Cad bane already had a re-work since the game's launched?
If not, has one ever been mentioned by the development team?

TIA ;)


  • He's buffed not very long ago.
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    D a n g. :/
    What was done to him? He must have been well below average before the re-work, unless the re-work was very superficial.
  • He hasn't had a re-work, just a couple of buffs: a 32% damage increase in his stun glove last year (!) and a 25% damage increase on his basic a few months ago. I honestly thought there was another one but I can't find the game update thread...

    Not much but enough to make him worthwhile for Scoundrel events as it's only his Leader skill that he brought to the party anyway...
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  • Even he's buffed I feel he's a little bit weak, maybe higher lv gears will change that.
    But whatever, he's got a spot in my scoundrel/bounty hunter team since they don't have a deep roster to choose from...
  • Thanks all for the replies.
    I'm still trying to decide if he's worth getting to 7* as I find it pretty underwhelming at 6* and I could spend the GW credits on other toons.
  • Depends if your going to run him behind Boba.. I faced one today Gear X lvl 85 and he's quite effective behind the reworked Boba..

  • Yes, @Xioborg, it is/was my intention. :)
  • His biggest buff is Boba Fett's leadership :)
  • Hes great. I run a dumb team of hitters (Lumi(leader) with QGJ, Leia, Biggs & Cad & I stay around 115 to #190 in my shard. Its good enough for me, a free to play player
  • Thanks for the feedback, peeps. :)
  • I have him g10 and decent mods on my Lando team. He can hit for 20k plus on double tap and his stun is invaluable.
  • Thanks, Dustynutz95. :)
    It's gonna be a while before mine gets to g10. :D
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