Daze issue

First off, this is a great ability that has made Darth Maul relevant. Thank you.

There is one major problem that needs an immediate fix, however. Daze blocks the counter attack ability of those afflicted. Few things are more exciting than coming up against a Jedi team led by IGD and having Maul land Daze on all of them in the first round, nullifying their counterattack!...... until each of the newly afflicted enemies counterattacks as a result of Daze being applied..... 100%, every single time. Then no counterattacks again until it wears off.

Please fix this. If you have just been afflicted with a debut for, you shouldn't be able to ignore it the turn that it was inflicted. It should take effect immediately, just like every other debuff.



  • While I agree with you that daze should immediately block counter attack on the turn that it's applied, this behavior is consistent with buff block too. If you buff block grievous in the AAT raid on the same turn that tactical maneuvering kicks in, then he still gains his tactical maneuvering buff alongside buff block.
  • First, I would state the position that any debuff should take precedence the moment it is applied no matter the situation.

    But, failing that, we know that raid bosses "cheat" - i.e. ignore foresight, have immunity to TMR, immunity to stun, and a whole host of great abilities that are designed just to mess with us. This mechanic shouldn't be present in GW and/or arena.
  • Raid bosses don't cheat, they are subject to the same exact rules as everything else in the game; their abilities are listed on the details page just like abilities are listed for each toon in the character display. Unless GG is given an ability that delays the effects of debuffs by one turn, the debuffs should be immediately applied as well.
  • The effect of quotation marks was obviously lost on you. Nevertheless, GW and arena opponents should not have the same benefit as raid bosses in any case.
  • My Maul applies to Ima-Gun Di l's Jedi teams in Gw... thing is then jedi Still get to counter... dispite the Daze. Simply, Mauls daze doesn't work.
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