Viability of a Night Sisters team?

I'm about to get Asohka from squad battles and I'm working towards Ventress in arena. I was curious as to how well a team of all NS would work...anyone tried it or have any thoughts?


  • They are decent enough early on and are farmable, but I would not bother with making a pure night sisters team just for a leader ability that only affects night sisters, the bonuses are really not even that good much later. The nightsister initiate and acolyte are lacking in very powerful abilities that other characters have, I would take Luminara over all of the nightsisters any day with exeption for old daka. The nightsister initiate is pretty tanky, Asajj's removal of positive status effects can be helpful if you want to ignore taunts but not many people have characters that focus on buffing allies int heir teams. Her stun chance is nice but overall she is quite squishy and sideous is just outright better than her for arena rewards.

    The best character for nightsisters i would say is talia, farm the crap out of her, when you do cantina spend your energy on getting her shards, as well as in the campaign, she is really easy to farm, and you will really want her to help get through the dark side campaign as she is the only healer until you can get old daka.

    tl;dr They are all perfectly fine to start with, but you will want to swap them for other characters once you have unlocked more options once you start getting to lvl40+. The only nightsister I still use is talia sicne she is my only dark side healer.
  • While Asohka has a leader ability to benifit jefi and nightsisters, she herself does not have the nightsister classification. So, if you decide to put one of the other 3 nightsister only leaders in charge(say ventress for speed), Asohka wont be gaining the bonus. I havent tried this, but i did consider it.
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    I am focusing on maxing a jedi + night sister team as my first priority before maxing other characters. I'm avoiding some of the obvious choices as a point of difference which is working very well so far.

    4★ Ahsoka (Leader) - Cantina shipments
    5★ Asajj - Arena shipments
    4★ Luminara - GW shipments
    5★ Talia - energy farming
    4★ Barriss - missions

    Will likely replace Barriss with Consular once he gets strong enough to eclipse her before she catches up over time. He's almost 5★ and lagging a bit in gear.

    Asajj is the star of the show.
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    My team has a power of 13,350 currently and I'm able to defeat any squad on my server. I rank top 10 every day so far so plenty of arena tokens to keep ahead. Still using Barriss as leader for now until Ahsoka hits 5★
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  • I think a nightsister team could be heaps of fun, but that is after I finish staring and gearing up my current team.

    Although as a lvl 52 I do like to use Nightsister Initiate sometimes (If i need to destroy a half killed team) in GW as she has a decent nuke on her and she also quite tanky.

    The only thing I can see that could be a problem would be Old Daka. She has a stun effect which would be awesome but could also be problematic if it doesn't actually stun as their are too many "What if's"

    Talia is pretty good. She is in my PvP team and I really like her ALOT!
  • Nightsisters have some solid toons, but they seem to be best suited for support.
  • Thanks for the responses guys. I appreciate it
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    Speed. That's what makes a full nightsister team so nasty. Big crits, heals on damage and ridiculous speed.
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    There is a player on my server and my 6oclock PvP reward reset that uses an Asohka leader Nightsister+Luminara (Maybe,can't remember exactly) team that is always placing top 3 at our reward reset.
  • My thought is since every is running Sid, I am getting sick of him so I am not going to use him and focus on NS instead. Initiate hits pretty hard. Ventress is buggy, Talia is ok. Old Daka is ok. The team looks pretty average/sub par. But running a team that everyone is running is not fun :blush:
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    I'm probably in the minority but id prefer old daka over bariss. More frail (isnt everyone?), but hits harder and the stuns and resurrections more then make up for the weaker heal. Also easier to get shards for.
  • Right now I'm using Old Daka, Asajj Ventress, Talia, Ahsoka Tano and Chewie or Jedi C.

    I'm level 43 at the moment and they are all really good characters so far. Daka and Asajj can stun, Asajj's 'Strike Fear' move is very good for PVP and especially so against AI. Usually I'll hit the enemy healer a couple of times, their Chewie or other taunter will taunt I hit Chewie once then use strike fear. Then I kill their healer. I always kill their healer before they have even half damaged one of my characters. Plus it's a great move if you want to heal just a little before the end of a battle without using a healer's move that takes a lot of moves to use again.

    My plan for my final team is Old Daka, Talia, Asajj, Maul, Savage. Sort of like a mother, two sisters and two brothers. One big happy evil family. :smile:
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  • My team is currently Asajj, Old Daka, Talia, Nightsister Acolyte, and Dooku. Asajj and Talia are 5 stars while everyone else is 4. All are gear level VI. I have Nightsister Initiate but she's stuck at gear level IV because my light side team is woefully underpowered and I can't get to 5-K to get the Mk 5 Fabritech Data Pad to upgrade to level V and beyond.

    Anywho, I'm enjoying the team so far. The speed boost fro Asajj's leader ability is very nice and at rank 5 it gains a 25% chance to remove 10% turn meter on hit. That'll be fun.

    My team does well in PvP. Today I got up to 35 but usually hover in the 100-50 range each night at 6. Since I started running 4 nightsisters I haven't lost any of the battles I've fought. Usually I can keep everyone alive, too.
    The only problem is that I seem to be losing rank a lot more easily since I started running Asajj as leader instead of Dooku. I don't know if the nightsister team AI is bad or if seeing Asajj instead of Bariss/Dooku/Chewie just makes me an easier target.

    In any case I really like my team so far! My only gripe is that Acolyte seems pretty underwhelming. A bit more damage and she would be killer but right now she's just kind of meh.
  • WhipiT wrote: »
    Speed. That's what makes a full nightsister team so nasty. Big crits, heals on damage and ridiculous speed.

    I m interested in making a partial NS team. With the Barriss pack and Dooku, who should be my leader?

  • I have all nightsisters except acolyte. I currently use GS, but am going to switch to gamorean guard once I get him up to par. My problem though is while good for arena I can't beat the last stage five normal dark side mission. I am starting to realize they were a bad choice but I wanted different than everyone else. I almost gave up on them and switched to droid just before I got daka. Since I am now twenty shards into hk I may still switch. (Have GS poggle and ig86 already, just need hk and jawa engineer)
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