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So I am running a bounty hunter team plus Assaj (who needs to be one but that's another topic) in GW and the health gains are sick under Boba lead.

Ventress is gear 11 and my gear 7 level 65 Cad Bane seems to have more health bars than her (she has 16k health).

Anywho, I am running:


I am considering farming Zam or Nute as a 5th Bounty Hunter.

Any recommendations? I'm not a big fan of Bane (he has the lowest gear/level of the squad as well).

Is he worth investing in or are Zam or Nute?

The latter two I don't even have unlocked yet so it will be a long farm. I'm just trying to creat a long term goal and would love some feedback :)

EDIT: I forgot to mention I am running mostly potency set bonus mods (with a few crit chance) so that is where I am getting all of those health gains.


  • Definitely zam on a full scoundrel team she gets 100% tm whenever she detonates a thermal and with boba lead all of the other scoundrels gain 15% tm every time a thermal is detonated. So that means if every enemy has a thermal on them zam attacks 5 times and your bounty hunters gain 75% tm.
  • The tm gain does not work. Only the first thermal detonator in one go counts, so it is 15% tm.
    At least with my Boba and Zam.
  • I'm running a hybrid squad, Boba Lead, 88, Shore, Sun Fac, and raid Han. I'll probably replace SF with Zam when I get her geared. I find raid Han invaluable here, if he lands his stun your Bounty hunters get the 15 speed bonus before the first turn is calculated.
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  • I'm currently running Boba L, cad bane, 88, 215 speed ST Han and lando. Staying in top 20 over night and easily getting into top 10 for payout on a January shard with lots of Rex, wiggs and shoretroopers. My 88 and bane are gear 11 and let me tell ya, they are monsters under boba. Bane double taps for over 25k sometimes and his unavoidable stun is clutch. In my opinion, a fast st Han is key to making bounty hunters viable though. That early taunt filling tm is what gets them going to start laying debuffs that speed them up further. I've been considering swapping zam in for lando to add another bounty hunter but I think St Han is indispensable.
  • After the Boba rework I've come to find that I don't need ST Han anymore. I dropped him from my squad for a full BH line up and I'm actually doing better.
  • One of the top Arena guys on my server runs a full Bounty Hunter squad, been in top 5 with it for a couple days now.

    Boba (L), IG88, Dengar, Greedo, Zam. All G11.
  • I've seen Boba reviving in pvp battles with bounty hunter symbol again, giving him x3 life's in a battle
  • @Chewplebcca

    I run an all scoundrel squad on my alt account and have shifted my fastest mods to Boba instead of on STHan.

    He's faster than him and I like his ability block going first because it speeds up Greedo and 88.

    I will have to keep Lando and STHan until I get Zam unlocked.

    Would you recommend Dengar or Bane for the 5th spot? Is Nute even worth unlocking? He wouldn't get the Bounty Hunter bonus and I think that is too important to ignore...
    Thor__ wrote: »
    I've seen Boba reviving in pvp battles with bounty hunter symbol again, giving him x3 life's in a battle

    His revive is great for the tank raid.

    I think I got 4 revives out of him in one go on P2. Revive and take out a turret/droid that Lando or Ventress have gotten low on health. It's great!

    On P3 I actually made it to enrage for the first time thanks to the Fett man.

    It's hard to pull that off in arena because my Boba still doesn't hit that hard and others take people out before he can.
  • mikk207 wrote: »
    The tm gain does not work. Only the first thermal detonator in one go counts, so it is 15% tm.
    At least with my Boba and Zam.

    But the thermals detonate on seperate turns with zam or did you mean it's not working at all
  • Only the first td set off by Zam was giving tm to Bounty Hunter. Not so with the following td's when she has turn after turn.
    I tried it again in GW today. This time it worked as intended.
    Every thermal detonator set off by Zam gave tm to Boba.
    Maybe they fixed it.
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    I've been trying Boba Lead with Zam in different modes of the game also with JE for extra Thermal Detonators. The Boba TM gain to bounty hunter is still not fixed properly. The 15% TM to all bounty hunters on detonation works on stage 1 of battles but only works in the first stage of an event. You don't get TM gain on detonation on subsequent stages after the 1st.
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    Would a 3* Baze be worth it?

    I'm currently running Boba, ST Han, Zam, and Lando. I'm working on unlocking Dengar (when I can) and IG-88. I thought maybe a Baze Tank would be good and Swap IG for Lando when he's geared, or I could keep Lando and run IG-88.

    Any thoughts appreciated. i'm F2P so not really sure how I'm going to get Baze much above 3* anytime soon.

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    I don't have Baze but I think he would be amazing in a Bounty Hunter team.

    IG 88 will be a huge improvement over Lando once you get him decently geared.

    Make sure all of your Bounty Hunters have potency crosses and you will not regret it.

    Lando has been neutered by all of the new toons and Zeta abilities that prevent critical hits.

    I used to run Boba lead with
    Lando (G10)
    STHan (G8)
    Greedo (G8)
    IG 88 (G9)

    I replaced Lando and STHan with Zam and Dengar (both only at G7) and I was holding rank better than with Lando and STH. Offense was easier too once I dialed in how to use Zam effectively.

    But Baze/Dengar would be great toons to switch hit on your squad.

    STHan is only useful if he can taunt first and if your arena shard doesn't have TFP and zMaul and zQGJ it will soon and say good bye to his effectiveness in arena.

    He just can't get fast enough for these new toons and squad comps.

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