Is my squad good enough to get Palps ?

So I was wondering if I can get Emperor Palpatine. (I know I can't get him to 7* just to unlock him)
My squad is:
5* Ackbar gear lvl 6 but I'm close to getting him to lvl 7 (no mods)
6* K-2SO gear lvl 8 and he's well modded
7* Biggs gear lvl 7 (no mods)
7* Leia gear lvl 7 (no mods)
6* Lando gear lvl 7 (no mods) (also 85/100 shards to get him to 7*)

So what do you think ? Can I get Palps ?
Also, what mods should I use ?


  • yes if you have 6* rebels you should definitely unlock palp.
  • No not even close
  • You should be able to unlock EP(5*) as you'll have a couple of 7* toons. I would suggest CC/CD sets on your attackers. Try and set the data bus mod(circular shaped one) which has a protection primary stat. If you're not able to get ideal mods by the time the event is here, just stack up your team with health/protection.
    Remember, you've unlimited attempts at clearing a tier, so keep trying until you make it.
    Level up your toons if you can.
  • Raventrob wrote: »
    No not even close

    I think this is probably right based on your toons. But you can swap mods on the unmodded toons when the event comes up.
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