50 Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes And More!

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Hello everyone, Miragi here. I got a little bored while waiting to snipe into top 10 place in the arena so I decided to write out a list of Interesting things that caught my eye in the game. I will add more interesting tidbits as I continue to play the game. So keep this thread in mind or bookmarked.

If you have any interesting snippets you would like to share or if you simply like this post, please do comment below!

A big thank you to EA_Jesse for stickying this post to the top and for the open edits allowance to the post!

*Please be advised that all these are my own opinions and some might just be pure speculation.
  1. Boba Fett only uses his wrist mounted rocket launcher in the game. He never uses his blaster, his backpack rocket launcher (yes, it is a rocket launcher) and his wrist mounted flamethrower.
  2. Biggs Darklighter’s description is “Fighter Pilot with joint attack synergy ability and built in ship synergies”. SHIP SYNERGIES? Possible ship feature added later?
  3. Ahsoka Tano is currently the only Jedi to dual-wield lightsabers. Also does a 720 when she uses her first active skill. (And does a backflip when she returns. Her character as a whole is very similar to her clone wars representation.)
  4. Darth Sidious is not called Emperor Palpatine and does not have his black overalls from the original trilogy which is seen in the opening splash screen, which leads me to believe they will add an Emperor later which will have AoE Force Lightning attack.
  5. Barriss Offee is just as hated here (by the community) as she was at the end of Star Wars The Clone Wars Series (due to her betraying her BEST FRIEND Ahsoka). Also apparently stronger than her own Jedi Master - Luminara who is also in the game BUT Luminara is stronger in the long run for F2P because she can get to 7*, grants evasion as leader and also jedi team heal for 4% (still less than Barriss though). (Note, if there is a Barriss seven star player out there…how much heal in numbers does a jedi get per turn?)
  6. There are only currently two clones out of the 65 characters available - Fives and Clone Sergeant.
  7. Darth Vader’s death sound effect is the iconic “No…..”
  8. Star Wars Episode 7 new units - “First Order” and “Resistance” are not considered “Empire” and “Rebel”
  9. There are three Ewok characters (Teebo, Elder, Scout) and two Jawa characters (Datcha, Jawa).
  10. In the STR Gear Challenge, if you destroy the suppport droids, your characters will do immense damage to Veers and Tarkin.
  11. In the Training Droids Challenge, bring Sidious and Boba Fett will never be healed by his support droids
  12. Bronzium Data cards can actually draw 4* full heroes if you’re extremely lucky (verified by forum).
  13. If you gain a full character from a data card but already have the character, you will only be gifted 7 shards? (Need help to verify if this is true even for 4* draws) EDIT: Redditor Ozeagle has clarified that you can receive 25 Shards for 3* characters (in his instance a 3* Jawa). Forum Member ZarAzi has also added that you will receive 35 shards for 4* Characters.
  14. There are a total of 12 fights in Galactic Conquest.
  15. The Hutt sitting behind the Holo Table on the far right side is watching a holo of Boba Fett’s ship Slave 1 vs. Han Solo’s Millenium Falcon. Also the Hutt appears to have a dialogue option but I’ve never been able to replicate it… The hutt and the holo table, plus Biggs Darklighters’s description (2), and the game’s splash screen with the ships leads me to further believe that there will be a ship collection and space battle part of this game. (EDIT - You can spark the dialogue with the hutt by clicking the corner of the Squad Arena Table, and he has three different conversations. Contributed by SuperJedi and confirmed in - http://imgur.com/7QpUWth)
  16. There is a human drinking from a pink cup and staring at a holo in between Squad Arena and Galactic War. The Holo has three faces on it and is a possible hint at either Alliance/Guild Mechanics or Skin system.
  17. On the holotable of Challenges, there is a character that looks like Jedi Master Plo Koon who sits at the table, and has the dialouge screen when touched. The conversation switches between “The higher your level, the harder the Challenge…and the greater the rewards!” and “I’ve been dusting off my old military texts to come up with new Challenges for you.”
  18. On the Main Holo table of Light Side Battles and Dark Side Battles, there are character models that are yet in the game. The character models are Han Solo in his scoundrel outfit, Luke Skywalker with his blue lightsaber (before losing his hand), a rebel soldier with that iconic helmet, and a phase 1 clone trooper private.
  19. In PvE there are currently uncollectable characters and they are - Battle Droid (no markings), Commando Battle Droid (Red markings), Commander Battle Droid (Yellow Markings), Ambassador Battle Droid (Blue markings with badge), Super Battle Droid, Jedi Temple Guard (white with mask and double lightsaber), Geonosian Spy (the one with the pointy stick), Sandtrooper, Stormtrooper Scout (the one with visor helmet), and Clone Trooper Private (Luke Skywalker with Blue lightsaber character can be seen as a boss in Dark Side 2-I Bespin but cannot be collected yet, also Han Solo classic can be seen as a boss in Dark Side 2-C Tatooine). There are more! Found Clone Tropper Lieutenant (blue stripes) in Dark Side Hard 5-C.
  20. HK-47 is currently the only character not from a Star Wars Movie or Television Episode, but is from the game The Knights of The Old Republic and it’s sequel “The Sith Lords” (which is awesome and you should go play it if you haven’t yet.) Which is a possible hint at them including “Legends” (as termed by Disney for all EU characters) characters from the game such as Revan or Kriea (considering they already have Old Daka, why not add another powerful old woman eh?)
  21. If you compare the base stats of Greedo and Stormtrooper Han, Greedo has higher base stats, especially in speed (Greedo - 100, Han - 85) which proves Greedo shot first (Just kidding, but seriously, I’m waiting for normal Han Solo to compare).
  22. There are 6 5 Nightsister characters in this game and they are - Old Daka, Ventress, Ahsoka(Only her leader skill), Talia, Nightsister Acolyte, Nightsister Initiate. EDIT: Made a mistake here, meant to put Ahsoka as Leader support only. She is still only Jedi, Attacker.
  23. Asajj Ventress is the only character in the game with 5 skills (1 Basic, 2 active, Leader, Passive).
  24. Both Mace Windu and Jedi Knight Anakin have active skills that share the same name of “Smite”.
  25. Eeth Koth has anti-droid capabilities probably because he was kidnapped and tortured by General Grevious and his Magna Guards during the Clone Wars Animated Series. That and no one knows where Eeth Koth disappeared to after those events (he was replaced on the Jedi Council by someone who looks like him too). So I guess he became a droid killing jedi eh?
  26. Darth Sidious’s AoE first active skill “Demoralizing Blows” is the only lightsaber skill that has floor effects (lightsaber burns in a circle) and is similar to what he does in the opening of his fight in Star Wars the Clone wars versus Darth Maul and Oppress - @ 2:05
  27. On the startup splash screen of the game, there are four characters that are not yet available in the game, these characters are - Master Yoda (Clone Wars), Jedi Luke, Han Solo (Classic outfit), Chewbacca (Original triology version - he is holding a blaster not a bowcaster!) and Emperor Palpatine (due to black sith robe and force lightning). Edit: Redditor SWGoHThrowAway has pointed out that Chewie is actually using a bowcaster, just that it's different. I researched this and verified it. Chewbacca actually uses his own customized unique bowcaster in the original trilogy and it looks like a blaster because he converted it from a storm trooper blaster.
  28. The Chrono Data Cards that we use for drawing heroes can actually be seen in the original trilogy, when Leia puts her hologram recording card into R2-D2.
  29. Cad Bane’s Stun Glove Active skill is currently the only has a skill that is unavoidable in the game EDIT: Redditor Ozeagle has pointed out that Teebo also has an unavoidable skill with his "Bring Low" active ability!
  30. There are a total of 14 Jedi Characters in the game, and 12 named characters apart from Consular and Guardian. In comparison, there are only five sith characters (Maul, Oppress, Dooku, Sid, Vader) and Asajj Ventress is not a sith (it seems they decided to take her after she cut ties with Dooku).
  31. In the dark side character pool, only 2 out of the 31 characters are healers, and they are Talia and Old Daka.
  32. Jedi Knight Anakin is currently the only Light Side character who can inflict healing immunity and is also the only character in the game who can inflict Buff Immunity. Also of note, the Anakin here is the Revenge of the Sith Anakin as seen by his robot hand and scar on face.
  33. All of the Coruscant Underworld Police skills have the label “Non-Lethal” but ironically, actually deal a good amount of damage in the game. (To be fair, real world Non-Lethals such as riot police bean bags really do hurt a lot).
  34. Comparing all the characters with a chance to stun any character in their basic attacks (Ventress, Underworld Police, URoRRuR’R’R), URoRRuR’R’R has the highest chance with 45% and Ventress has the lowest at 35%. Aayla and Dooku don’t count as Aayla relies on her passive and Dooku only stuns Jedi. EDIT: Redditor KingJoshu has pointed out that Old Daka also has a stun in her basic (can't believe I forgot about her!) and she has 40% chance to stun 1 character and another random at 40%. 2nd Edit: Redditor SWGoHThrowaway has further clarified that Dooku can stun everyone too.
  35. Lobot has the skill called “Cloud Computing” which I feel is a pun on Lando’s “Cloud City” which can be seen in Episode V Empire Strikes Back
  36. In the game, there are currently 8 Rebels (of which only four are unique characters - Leia, STHan, Luke, Ackbar) and 6 Empire (of which only three are unique characters - Vader, Veers, Tarkin).
  37. Darth Vader is the only character that is unlocked through completing achievements (but I’m sure you knew that already right?)
  38. Only three characters in the game use thermal detonators (Skill that places a grenade debuff and countdown till damage), the characters are Greedo, Mob Enforcer and Gunray.
  39. Old Daka and Ewok Elder are the only characters in the game with Active Revive Skills. (Old Daka also has a passive. The others like Boba and HK are simply Self-Revives)
  40. Boba Fett and Hk-47 are the only two characters who have skills that *specifically* revive themselves. (Technically Old Daka's can be counted as well but her skill does not specifically name her, it just includes her)
  41. Only five characters in the game are capable of stealth, they are Leia, Teebo, Nute, Datcha, Nightsister Acolyte.
  42. There is currently only one character in the game who can remove stealth and that is Jedi Plo Koon. In comparison, only Teebo can grant Stealth to non-stealth characters through his passive.
  43. Both the First Order TIE Pilot and the Resistance Pilot *apparently* have the highest damage potential of all unamed characters, reaching up to 2k base and 4k crit at around lvl 40.
  44. All healing abilities have the same animation with the character using their right left* hand to “heal” with the force (or magick in Talia’s and Daka’s case) apparently. EXCEPT FOR EWOK ELDER because…it’s an ewok and they are too short for that animation to be re-used. (*Thank you cosmicturtle333 for clarifying!)
  45. Light Side 4-L stage battle has the highest difficulty jump (as seen in forums) due to all the stormtroopers suddenly lobbing thousands of grenades at you.
  46. Defence Buffs do not seem to stack - as seen in PvE by multiple enemy stormtroopers using their taunt and only getting the initial Defense buff. I believe the buff timer is simply just refreshed.
  47. The Planets of Galactic War Table seem to be Korriban/Tatooine (the big red dust planet), Yavin (The Cloudy green one above), and Endor/Naboo (The smallest earth looking one on the bottom) [I might be wrong on this but it just seems like it - just search the name sin google images and you’ll see the resemblance.] Note: The big dust planet cannot be Geonosis as that planet has an asteroid belt, nor can it be Mustafar because that is a lava planet, thus my only guess is it’s either Korriban (sith homeworld) or Tatooine.
  48. The Lightsabers of the Squad Arena show Darth Vaders red lightsaber and Luke’s blue lightsaber.
  49. The Icon for Challenges is the same medal presented to both Luke and Han Solo at the end of the original trilogy. (Seriously go google it out.)
  50. The Squad Cantina Battles Icon looks like Han Solo’s Blaster (and it most probably is) due to the brown tint of the blaster’s grip.
  51. Qui-Gon Jinn is the only Jedi in the game to hold his lightsaber upright. This is similar in his pose from poster of first episode. Also the most probably reason Qui-Gon has Agility Training as his leader skill is because he is a Lightsaber combat Form IV Ataru master which focuses on Acrobatic abilities and offensive pushes.
  52. Mace Windu is the only jedi in the game to actually have a skill (his leader skill) named after his lightsaber form of Vaapad
  53. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is not the only Star Wars game to take place in a cantina. There is also the Star Wars Cantina Game for iOS developed by THQ in 2011.
  54. Jedi Knight Guardian and Darth Vader are the only Jedi with the skill animation of Force Throwing their light saber with Guardian’s skill being AoE.
  55. Savage Opress’s Double Bladed Lightsaber is the longest in the game, at 7 cm as compared to Jedi Guardian’s 6.4 cm and Maul’s 5.1 cm.
  56. IG-86 and IG-88 both make an appearance in the game but did you know that IG-86 was from the Clone Wars Era (Ep 1-3) while IG-88 was from the Empire Era (Ep 4-6)?
  57. Ima-Gun Di has the passive titled “Last Stand” which is most likely derived from his literal last stand against droids in the Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 3 Episode “Supply Lines”
  58. Count Dooku is currently the only character who has the force lightning skill and animation.
  59. URoRRuR’R’R’s name is legit. Also if you’re wondering how to pronounce his name, it’s actually the sound he makes in the show. Also the game actually plays his sound effect from A New Hope when he uses the skill “Single File to Hide Their Numbers”
  60. This is a gameplay mechanic but did you know that the A.I will only heal when its individual allies are at around 25% health (almost depleted yellow to red portion). Knowing this, you can actually just wait till the A.I uses the healers to attack and refresh their meter. (Bascially once a unit enters yellow, be ready to expect heal). Also of note is that for non-Barriss Healers, you can basically make AI waste heal by applying Heal Immunity and focusing only one character down to yellow.
  61. The Challenges Bosses are as follows - STR is Veers and Tarkin with their insta kill AoE’s. AGI is Opress with his AoE of reducing character hp to 1 point. INT is Windu with his 100% defense penetration and OHKO potential. Credits is Cad Bane with his high dps and counter. Training Droids is Boba with his high heal support droids. Ability Mats is Darth Vader with…high health? and his debuff droids.
  62. The in-game currency of Crystals looks like the Hurrikaine Crystals which are used in Mace Windu’s Lightsaber to give the purple blade. In most Star Wars Games and in lore, the purple crystal is also considered rare.
  63. Why is Ahsoka's Leadership considered a Nightsister in this game? I don’t know the truth, but I can guess it’s from that time in the Star Wars Clone Wars Animated Show in the finale where Ahsoka sides with Ventress for a while. Edit: Failed to qualify that it was just her leadership not her character as a whole.
  64. In Galactic War, you can actually retreat by going into options (top left-hand corner cog icon) or if you lose (but kill off some character's team), the enemy's team will continue to keep only the remaining surviving characters. (I noticed this after I faced a Level 51 Counter Attack team at Lvl 46, which took me three tries to beat.)
  65. There are anti-Jedi abilities (like Dooku stun), but there are currently no anti-Sith abilities.
  66. All the lightsaber's in the game are extremely detailed and uniquely true to each lightsaber users design. For instance, Darth Sidious has a little red button on the pommel of his lightsaber that allows him to extend his lightsaber length, and if you look closely at the in-game model, you will see it!
  67. Did you know that you could access a short guide by simply pressing the Gear Icon -> 'Help' ? (Contributed by ZarAzi)
  68. On the 'Help' menu, if you press the progress tab you'll be able to see a panel which says 'Summoning', and illustrated on that panel are exclusive shards that belongs to R2-D2, Princess Leia in her Battle of Hoth costume, Scoundrel Han and Bespin Luke! (Future characters!) (Contributed by ZarAzi) (Note from Miragi - This must have been added a stealth update! I didn't notice it there before!)
  69. Grand Moff Tarkin's Ability "Ultimate Firepower" is most likely an orbital bombardment from a star destroyer due to the multiple green laser beams firing down from the sky. Similarly, General Veer's "Ruthless Assualt" seems to be an imperial artillery strike, although I would like to believe Veers is using an AT-AT to stomp on enemy troops. (Veers was famous for his command of the AT-AT in the battle of hoth.)
  70. In the Options menu (top left cog icon), if you click on Legal tab and then About tab, you will find the credits for this game! Also included are information about licensing and copyrights (and you can find out what font this game uses from there too).
  71. In the credits of the game, there is a team of "Game Balance Specialists" and can you find EA_Jesse? (Hint: Look for the keyword Community ). Also included in the credits is the awesome title of "Keeper of the Holocron" somewhere among the Lucasfilm game team.
  72. Darth Maul and the IG-100 MagnaGuard share the same basic attack and AoE animation. That and MagnaGuard is written as one word with the G in caps.
  73. In the character details screen, many characters share similar poses based on the type of their equipment. For example, all single handed have the same pose - Dooku and Windu. Also, Luke Skywalker shares the same pose as Tusken Raider. Nute Gunray shares the same pose as Lando and General Veers. (Yeah, I think you get it). Oh and Ahsoka can technically be seen as the only unique pose but really her right lightsaber (the one facing backwards) is just an inverted position from the normal stance of dual lightsaber users like ventress. Switch if back and Ahsoka has the same pose. So everyone is equal! Yay equality.
  74. All characters in the game are right handed (excluding dual blade users because they are "omni-dexterous" *jk*). Of note is that archer units like ewok scout hold their bow on the left because they are right handed and use the right hand to draw the bow (right hand has more strength than left).
  75. Old Ben, Jedi Knight Guardian and Datcha are the only units in the light side capable of inflicting Team-wide (AoE) Ability Block Debuff. In comparison, the dark side has 4 characters (Boba, IG-88, HK-47, General Veers). (Contributed by Redditor Sanchopandasc)
  76. Is it me or does the art style of this game seem very similar to the Clone Wars Animated Series?
  77. None of the Jedi wear armor that was seen during the clone wars tv show. Will we ever see character variants with the armor? Only time will tell...
  78. In PvE Story battle, if your ally dies, you still get 3 stars. Interestingly enough, if one of your own characters dies and is revived (e.g by Old Daka), you will see 2 stars at the victory screen but then get 3 Stars at the misson selection screen. (Ally death tip contributed by Stekcir_Leinad)
  79. The total exp you can gain from Daily Activites is 800 exp if you have Galactic War unlocked (Credits - Redditor D_Millennial) (Will verify once it refreshes)
  80. To get a character from Rank 1 to Rank 7, you will need a total of 15+25+30+65+85+100 = 320 Shards.
  81. In the ability mats challenge Tier 3, Darth Vader has around a total of 19,004 HP (Source, my own battle which went something like this +> 1094+1352+2056+2226+720+1019+1029+1635+1534+2003+1886+685+1765)
  82. In normal PvP, if you take out the squad leader, their skill remains in play. However in Galactic War, if you take out the squad leader and then retreat, and then battle again, the squad leader ability disappears. (Contributed by Keaven)
  83. If you buy the cheapest credit pack in the store - Guaranteed 65,625 credits for 85 Crystals, then each crystal is worth 772.1 Credits. Thus, if you buy the seven T5 Training Droids for 60 Crystals in Shipments, then it is worth a total of 46,326 Credits, with each T5 Training Droid costing 6,618 Credits.
  84. You can now purchase four random character's shards from Shipments and they cost around 100-150 Crystals.
  85. Based on SWGoH Cantina's article "Is it worth it to spend money on the Chromium Data Cards?", your chances to get shard from the pulls is 75.4% (Let's say 8 out of 10 times because RNG and luck are never on your side) which means that if you bought the Mega-Pack (which gives you 8 draws), it is possible to draw all shards with the chances of it happening at 1 in 256 (0.4% chance) (If my math is right?) (You can view SWGOH's awesome article here -http://www.swgohcantina.com/is-it-worth-it-to-spend-money-on-the-chromium-data-cards/)
  86. Did you know that lightsaber colors indicate a Jedi's chosen class? As represented correctly in the game, Blue represents Jedi Guardians (a Jedi who used the Force on a more physical level), Green represents Jedi Consulars (a Jedi who preferred to reflect on the mysteries of the Force and fight the dark side at its heart), and Yellow represents Jedi Sentinels (a Jedi who honed their skills in a balance of combat and scholarly pursuits). (Source: Wookieepedia article on Lightsaber Crystals - http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Lightsaber_crystal) (The Jedi Guardian character in this game uses a double-bladed yellow lightsaber which indicates an exotic weapon specialist).
  87. There are a total of eleven positive status effects (Advantage, Crit up, Def up, Eva up, Foresight, Health up, Offense up, Potency up, Spd up, Stealth, Taunt) and ten negative status effects (Ability block, buff immunity, DoT, Def down, Expose, Healing Immunity, Offense Down, Spd down, Stun, Bomb)
  88. In the game, everyone has the same base critical multiplier of 150% or 1.5x damage. (This is improved by crit da
  89. Why is your Sidious not applying Healing Immunity? (Because the skill description says he should) This is because of Potency and Tenacity Stats (Potency increases chance to apply effects and Tenacity decreases chance of effects being applied). This is denoted by a "Resisted" notification upon attack.
  90. I do believe Ahsoka Tano has the highest critical chance of all the Jedi (she's sitting 454 + 32 at Gear Level VII left side full equip, 4 stars). (How does she compare to droids and Aayla though?)
  91. If Auto Battle is on, the game does move faster. (I believe it's 1.5x faster).
  92. More to come...
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