Real Time PVP Tournament?



  • Real time pvp tournament is only a dream for this game, what a shame.
  • There is a Star Wars MOBA in development, pre-release has already happened. I wonder if they would add a live element to this game to drive the other one off the market? Or just let it flounder? It honestly doesn't look like much competition to our beloved SW:GoH.
  • I don't think a real tournament with set matchups in brackets would ever be possible. But you could have a quene/waiting area people go into to get matched up and fight. Either fight until you have no characters left, or fight a set number of matches, and best records/most points move on to the next round.

    Do it from Friday - Sun. People can fight there say 10 matches any time during the 24 hours, once you get to 10 you can't enter the quene/waiting area anymore.

  • Live Pvp in this game has a few issues:
    1. It would be impossible to choose a team fairly
    2. If the rewards are good enough it would be abused
    3. The time and coordination needed to set up a battle could be more frustrating than the current system
  • Lugo
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    Played 1 game where everyone was joined in event were placed in same room and were randomly matched with someone else in the room. You got a set number of points per win and a multiplier for winning so many matches in a row. Hp and cooldowns carried over from match to match like GW. Peeps wouldn't waste time tring to have a draw cause they would just be letting everyone else pass them in points as well. You don't get to pick and choose who you fight, but it will be someone in that room.
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