I need help figuring out where to go from here

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tl;dr: I'm level 85. I've been running an old meta team (Phasma, Rey, QGJ, RG, STH). I think I need a new team, but I'm not sure who to go for and invest in.

Here's my roster: https://swgoh.gg/u/gufu21/

I'm STILL running old meta (as above), and hovering around 100 (give or take) in arena. I'm sitting on a couple of each kind of rancor raid gear pieces (plus a couple stun cuffs) and about 45 omega mats, but I'm afraid to dump them in my current arena squad because I have this feeling that it's time for a change.

I kind of need someone to look at my roster and give me some direction at this point.

Everyone's sitting at g8 except QGJ and Rey because I haven't wanted to invest in the wrong direction. Those raid gear pieces did not come easily (I'm F2P).

Here are some thoughts I had:

1. I could dump all the raid gear and omegas into my old meta team, and just stay the course through all the new meta winds. It's not done me terrible so far, even though most are under-geared.

2. I could make a Rebel arena team since I'm finally close to 7-starring Wedge (I know, I'm late to the party). Wedge, Biggs—who else? Who should get raid gear and omegas? Lando, AA, Leia, and STH are sitting at 7* g8 and could be geared up. Or a hybrid team with Rey and RG?

3. I could try for a Jedi counter team since I have IGD and Aayla at 7-stars with a few omega'd abilities already. QGJ is also already nearly maxed (gear XI, just lacking the tank raid pieces), so that investment could be repurposed here. Ahsoka and Yoda are 7* and g8 and could be invested in. One possible problem—I don't have Anakin. Not even close.

4. Any other ideas? No EP yet, but I will get him on Dec 23; I could save some good gear for him. Could he fit anywhere in what I have? Droids are a ways off because JE is only 5* and no Nebit yet (I'm torn between starring Mace for ships or getting Nebit for droids and crit dmg mods). Also, Boba Fett (yet unactivated) is close to 7*.

Like I said, I'm sitting on some rancor raid gear and omegas because I'm not sure where to go. I'm sort of in a holding pattern until I can figure this out.

(Side note: My mods kind of suck because all my cantina energy has been put into farming nodes and because my scoundrels, Jawas, and Empire can't five-star past the first tier of challenges. So it pains me to strip all the best mods from my old meta team, but I'll have to do that if I change it up.)

Big thanks to anyone who read through all that and has any advice to offer me!


  • M_L
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    i think your closest bet would be, Wiggs, Lando, STHan, and QGJ.

    i see a lot of Wiggs near the top and while annoying it's certainly effective, otherwise they wouldn't be used so often.

    at the very top of my shard at least there're too many p2p toons like shoretrooper and baze that directly counters Wiggs.

  • I have a no farm list of pretty much meta characters lol but definitely best bet is to go for these OC rebels they'll be meta till fin and Rey get there next movie ! Hopefully FO get some love and I can use them in arena
  • I went to option 2 on my squad and moved from 2.. to top 100, almost 50. A Wiggs rebel team is the best choice by the moment ( of course Empire Shore meta(some), baze, Chirrut, Clone teams (usually) are better).
  • Thanks so much for your advice!

    Between Wedge, Biggs, Lando, and STHan, who should I prioritize for gear?
  • Winstar
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    Wedge and Biggs are useless without each other. I didn't use either of them in the arena until they were both modded at gear IX almost gear X with a Gear XI Lando to be able to compete with all the other wiggs in the top 100 in my arena. If you get STHan to 200+ on speed running wiggs you'd be more difficult to deal with.

    That being said, I'd probably put more priority on a Palpatine team when you get him unlocked.
  • Tie Fighter Pilot is a huge addition with his ability block and debuff. He is fast and works well against tank teams. You aren't close on him, but I would be farming him.
  • NovaPrime wrote: »
    Tie Fighter Pilot is a huge addition with his ability block and debuff. He is fast and works well against tank teams. You aren't close on him, but I would be farming him.

    Agreed. Also gear up Lando. I'm in the same boat as you, except I don't even have a single Lando shard.
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