It would be great to have Darth Vader's secret apprentise (Starkiller) from SW: The Force Unleashed and perhaps have Proxy added as well and a rework of Vader to include FORCE CHOKE.

*So much could be added...


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    Agreed - especially with Ships, Starkiller could pilot his Ship from the game - forget what it is called now, but would be awesome!
  • i would love!
  • *Starkiller's ship is called Rogue Shadow and has stealth capabilities... ;)
  • That would be amazing
  • Yes. I have been wanting this for awhile. Darth + ep are the only empire/sith. Would love to have a 3rd
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  • +1
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    I would love to see Starkiller. But Disney has deemed him non cannon so i doubt he would be added.... unfortunately.
  • Never say never
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    ToeFace303 wrote: »
    I would love to see Starkiller. But Disney has deemed him non cannon so i doubt he would be added.... unfortunately.

    Non-canon can be made canon again.......Thrawn
  • Scuba is right, non-canon can be made canon. Maybe he could come back as an adversary for the Rebels like Thrawn.
    I wonder which version should be included, or how many? Like, should he have one lightsaber or two? I admit TFU2's story did not compare at all to the first game, but the Starkiller Clone could generate some sick dual lightsaber combos.
    And then there's his Sith Stalker form, the dark side ending version. You also get to fight him in Force Unleashed Jedi Temple DLC, and of course play as Sith Stalker Starkiller in the dark side edition when he enters the Original Trilogy and takes on Boba, Ben and Luke. He even makes Luke his apprentice.
    Sith Stalker Starkiller was terrifying and awesome to play as, as well as fight. If he comes back in anyway shape or form in the canon, that would be amazing. Another cool aspect of Sith Stalker Starkiller is that even after his injuries, unlike Vader,, he lost none of his lightsaber dueling abilities or immense force powers. He continued to utilise those abilities, and was even strong enough to hold the Millenium Falcon from taking off the Hoth hangar bay when goading Luke to turn to the dark side.

    But, I digress. If he was a character in GOH I would class him as attacker. It makes sense as he's fast and acrobatic like Maul- ironically also voiced by Sam Witwer- but has not a lot of armour. His fighting form is punishing, fast and with two lightsabers, spectacular to watch. So more of a damage character than a tank.

    So Starkiller would be an attacker

    His basic would be a lightsaber attack- Sith Shien, which could lower defence or speed.

    His second would be an attack with the force, maybe a force push or a lightning charged force push, or force lightning? Dooku and Palpatine already have that. If we had Clone Starkiller it could be dual lightsaber throw.

    His ultimate attack would be Force Repulse, where he jumps in front of the whole enemy team and sends out a massive shockwave in the force. Could stun, lower turn meter and weaken defence or cause bleed damage. Or dispel positive buffs.

    Force Rage- Passive Buff- If one of his teammates dies, or maybe all of them except Starkiller or if Starkiller falls below 50% health, Starkiller will launch into a force rage. His attacks do even more damage and he gets a boost in well, everything like when Ben dies and gives his teammates a boost in positive buffs.

    Or Force Rage is the special attack as a buff that lasts a few turns and Force Repulse is the secondary attack.

    Sorry I can't provide actual numbers unlike the most hardcore of us fans. I like to see what other suggestions people have!
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