URGENT: Qui-Gon Jinn's Humbling Blow serious cooldown bug

Hi team!

I've recently added QGJ to my main team and am pretty happy with him. However, I'm facing a very serious bug regarding his Humbling Blow ability that is severely affecting my progress in just about all areas of the game since he is in my main lineup.

I have Humbling Blow at ability Rank 6 and have been able to use it on a 3 turn cooldown, which is correct since I have the ability Rank 5 upgrade which reduces it from a 4 turn cooldown to a 3 turn one.

HOWEVER, today while doing some cantina missions, I noticed that this ability is now back to a 4 turn cooldown even though I have it upgraded all the way to Rank 6. I would like to stress that this IS NOT A VISUAL BUG as I have tried tapping the ability after 3turns, but its still shadowed out and has a "1" counter on it, making it a true 4 turn cooldown ability right now.

I really do hope that this bug can be resolved ASAP and that a member from the Dev Team is able to provide an official response, as it is really quite a punishing bug for those who are affected by it.

On a side note, if anyone else is facing this bug with your Humbling Blow ability at Rank 5 or higher, do feel free to chime as I'm curious if this bug is affecting quite a few people, and what the cause of it could be, considering that it was working fine for me at a 3 turn cooldown before today.

To the Dev Team: Thanks for the hard work put into this game, and I'd just like to state my appreciation here as I know it can be quite a trying time in the midst of all the negativity that is currently clouding over the main forums. Keep up the good work, and I have faith that this game will be even better in the long run than HODA which I enjoyed quite some time back.


  • Are you able to see "Offence up" on your team if using of Humbling Blow kills the target with buff ?
    I am not and I think, it is the second bug. I do not have level 6 of this ability and have not seen longer cooldown. Maybe upgrade to level 6 is bad idea today.
  • Hi Tomek,

    You only get the offense up with Humbling Blow if
    a) it dispels a buff
    b) it is at Rank 6 or higher
    That said, I do not get the offense up if my Humbling Blow kills off the target with a buff. It only procs when the debuffed target is still alive.

    Are you getting a 4 turn cooldown on Humbling Blow today as well? It should be a 3 turn cooldown as long as it is Rank 5 or above. Sadly, mine just changed to 4 today for no reason.

  • Tomek
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    My mistake. If offence up is on 6th level, I have it. But I will have to pay attention if I have cooldown =4. Without checking I will say , I have 3, because I have not noticed anything strange .

    I do not agree , the offence up should be only if the target survive the attack. If target is killed, the ability finished with success and if target will have more health it will be alive but debuffed.
    I do not see a sense to prevent offence up if target is debuffed but killed.

    We have to remember , the Humbling Blow on 6th level was changed in patch to work only if target is debuffed. Previous it works different, probably on every use of Humbling Blow on target. If we will have it in our mind, the restriction to see offence up only if target will survive is too big restriction.
  • Tomek
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    Will I need to power down my Humbling Blow ? It can be better to make no dmg using this skill and only debuff + set offence up.
  • @Tomek I am not sure if it previously gave offense up when killing the buffed target, but judging from other abilities in the game, it should give offense up even if the target is killed. I am with you on that one.

    Anyone else with Rank 6 Humbling Blow that can verify if your cooldown was also increased to 4 today?
  • Vodo
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    I just discovered that "Harmonious Assault" is buggy also, I will try to post a video as evidence soon
  • After digging around in the forums for a bit, I have come to the shocking realization that this cooldown bug is evident in other characters as well, and that it has been known since last year!

    The links below are just 2 examples, and the most well known character with this issue (because he is given to everyone) is the Jedi Consular.

    I can confirm that this cooldown bug is happening to QGJ's Humbling Blow ability as well.

    Since this is such a rampant bug that SEVERELY affects gameplay in ALL MODES I sincerely hope that the Devs can at least acknowledge this issue and give us assurance that this will be fixed in the next update. IMHO it is a bug that should be given top priority in fixing as it affects so many players negatively.




  • Vodo
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    Couldn't get proof on video yet, but there's definitly a bug. My QGJ has "Harmonious Assault" on lvl 4, so cooldown is 2 which means that I should be able to use the skill every second round. And it worked like that yesterday. It was today when I started the 6th fight in GW with my B-sqad when I discovered that there's something wrong:


    Next I played a round in Cantina and first it worked as intended but on fight 2/3 it was bugged again and from this moment on it was bugged permanently. I played a lot of cantina fights and daily events, bugged all the time. I have one of those fights on video but I forgot to show QG's ability levels on the video, so there is no real proof.
    So what I did next was closing the app via task manager (I'm on android) and guess what? Now everything works again as it should.

    Devs, pls check this!

    Should I be able to capture proof of the bug on video then I will post it here.

  • Tomek
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    I checked Humbling Blow on my char yesterday. I did not have a problem with the cooldown. It is 3 turns like should be.
    It has to be problem dependent on server where you are connected.
  • @Vodo Thanks for confirming this bug, seems like it can affect any skill with a -cooldown property from upgrading.

    Today, when I first booted up the game, Humbling Blow was magically back to a 3 turn cooldown. Unfortunately, after playing a few rounds of Cantina/LSDS battles it suddenly reverted back to a 4 turn cooldown. I tried force closing the app and re-opening it but it still stayed at 4 turns for me. For what it's worth, I'm playing on iOS so I guess this bug is cross-platform as well.

    I just hope that the Dev team can at least use our feedback here to try and narrow down the cause of it and fix the bug.

    @Tomek Thanks for checking in on your end as well. I doubt it is related to where we are connected since there are so many people with this issue affecting them. One of the links I posted earlier shows a plethora of other players with the same cooldown issue, on various other characters like Chewie, JC, Phasma, etc. -> https://forums.galaxy-of-heroes.starwars.ea.com/discussion/8035/known-big-ongoing-cooldown-issue-ruins-jedi-consular-and-others-fix-please
  • Let's wait for next update patch notes and see if this gets fixed.
  • I've read through the entire changelog from the new patch notes that were posted. It seems that this particular issue has gone under the radar yet again. Could someone from the Dev team like @CG_JohnSalera or @EA_Jesse let us know that this bug is at least being looked at?

    It honestly affects the enjoyabilty and fun of the game when you cannot know when the cooldown of your skill will be 4 or 3 turns whenever you enter a battle. Not being able to use humbling blow when needed after the 3rd turn has cost me a few losses in PvP already. I'm sure there are many others who have dealt with this cooldown bug in GW as well with Jedi Consular not being able to heal at a crucial turn and it is rather frustrating.
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