When can I fight me?

I would love to give AI a cast of my light or dark side characters to go against me playing the other side.
My Boba, Vader, Stormtroopers and Greedo could use a visit from Obi-Wan, the Princess, Han and Chewie!!
Look, I'll pay you for it...

Loving the game


  • Rolf
    1032 posts Member
    You'd have to enter the Dark Side Cave for that. Actually... that could be a cool game mode. Devs, take note! :)
    My ally code: 296-673-769. Wish we could have more than 35.
  • You can fight yourself any time you please. I'd advise you stand in front of a mirror to make sure you hit yourself more accurately. I've read that giving yourself a good punch in the eye helps the circulation.....
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