Bought the Droid Pack for £18.99.. Feel disappointed

Am I the only one who bought the pack and feels like waste of money? I got the 4* resurect Droid which has 50% resurrect chance but he doesn't scale at all. Spent ??? on him and his spells scale like this +2.5% revive health, +2.5% revive health and now my favourite for 5/5/3 gems you get +25% chance to revive. Sounds cool right? So for 15/10/5 gems you get a droid which has 75% to revive with 20% hp(which is 1 hit) once. What the ****? That's his ultimate ability?

I bought that pack because I got Poggle the Lesser from random cards which is cool, and I wanted to build a droid team, similar to a Jedi/Nightsister team. Was I wrong. Those droids have little hp deal moderate to big dmg but if you don't kill the enemy team or the enemy team has Ben/Bariss/Dooku you instantly lose. You can't stand more than 2 turns. So much money for characters that are worse than Chubacca, Jedi Consular or Talia...

Can we also get an update to how and which characters are going to be upgraded/downgraded in the next patch. Or an interactive map of all characters' abilities and how they scale because at least 50% of all characters are useless so might as well know in advance before spending time/money?


  • Honestly you probably shouldn't be buying stuff in this game if that amount of money causes you to write a long winded post like that. I have probably spent 200 bucks at this point and have got good pulls and bad pulls. It's all RNG.
  • I kind of wrote off that money and won't be playing soon if nothing changes. Anyhow I just wanted to see if there are other people who bought it and we share the same boat. Also a call to anyone to be careful with what they are buying when next batch of packs come out.
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    I bought it and love i86 and i88. I'm not to fond of hk47 but he is the droid tank and I don't care for tanks. I'm not sure why you don't like i86 or i88. They are very easy to promote and I enjoy killing Dooku first with those two and Skywalker.
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    I bought the pack and I love my droid team. Big crits, free turns, just looking for a good 5th member to use other than dooku and magnaguard. Droid teams destroy healer heavy comps.
  • @Pavelhristov04 , I understand your disappointment. I've tried to use an all droid team a few times now. They don't stand up well to the big power teams on their own. They do better if you integrate one in with say Sid and Dooku. Maybe things will change down the road and droid teams will be something great.
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    If it makes you feel better, droid teams are said to be more viable at the high levels.
    This page will help you learn about the popular characters and the site admin is adding info about ability upgrades:
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  • They aren't and they are missing hk47.
  • to be fair, if the other guy has old ben, youre probably f'ed either way
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    And soft launch arena 1st and 2nd place are both Droid teams with HK47 leaders. Makes sense.

    They dropped their Barris and Ben and dooku for droids. I wonder why... They must have fried their brains...

    Edit* Lemme add a pic of these crazy guys
  • Droid teams are pretty good if you have a good setup and plan. I've seen the aoe they do and they can destroy in arenas honestly.
  • SeroZero wrote: »
    And soft launch arena 1st and 2nd place are both Droid teams with HK47 leaders. Makes sense.

    They dropped their Barris and Ben and dooku for droids. I wonder why... They must have fried their brains...

    Edit* Lemme add a pic of these crazy guys

    Do they have to swap droids for a jedi team in defense?
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    I think people here underestimate how useful HK-47 is... His meatbag mayhem ability is any jedi healing heavy team's nightmare! It has a 50% chance of applying an ability lock on Jedi... This alone is able to decimate most Jedi heavy teams!

    Given how common Barris and Luminara are... HK-47 is far more valuable than at first galance
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  • I use HK-47 regularly in Galactic War and PVP, his special AoE is solid against Jedi and he takes a beating. The self revive is good if you have at least one healer who can help stabilize him after. Used with Lobot clearing buffs against Ben and Vader they're good together. Being tanky helps against Dooku's counter.

    I'm grinding up my IG-88 and 86 IG-86 and do lower level Galactic Wars or farming gear with Lobot to mix it up, I can see them all being very effective at higher levels (currently HK 45, I88 44, Lobot 44, I86 42), particularly HK and 88.
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  • How does MagnaGuard IG 100 as a tank compare to other tanks?

    Droids seem to be self contained. You have Poogle and HK 47.
    Then those IG88, IG86, and Lobot or Tanky Magnaguard.

    I haven't heard many talk about magnaGuard. He is farmable in Cantina, so that's a plus!

  • I didn't buy the pack thankfully but I did want Hk47 down the road. More useful chatter here, thanks...
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