Mod Challenges are a joke

100 crystals for absolutely nothing. Over and over. On my shard there is a guy with a 230 speed General Kenobi and a 270+ speed 5 star Chirrut. We are all friendly, so I know that he got these in the early stages when mods were first released.
We're not able to finish our Chirrut. We're getting new toons (Deathtrooper and Krennic) at 3 stars with no way to move up. On top of this, we have zero access to better mods unless we BUY packs which are 6 times as expensive as the daily crap and we still don't get anything. Mods are the WORST part of this game.



  • Arrow and Triangle mods are like 5% pulls, then good luck having it be a 5 dot, and then good luck getting the Speed or Critical chance mod you're going for... and it's **** near impossible to get anything with color on it let alone all the above. The whales grabbed all the best stuff in the beginning, and now the rest of us are completely screwed... gee thanx EA.
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