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  • The only thing clear it seems is that since the change, there are wildly different results per player, which is very, very odd. For myself, I primarily run 6-7 star's at GL8, L69, with a 2nd and 3rd team and I have not won a GW since two days after the update change, almost three weeks ago. Most days I am now only winning 2-3 battles. I am having to face all 7 star teams from the beginning. The two weeks before the change I won 7 GW's. To me it now seems broken, to the extent I am losing interest in it. 2-3 battles really doesn't net you enough to progress to any extent at the upper gear and progress levels. I do have to wonder if the programming automatically places you against the toughest teams once you are close to completing a circuit (I started having this issue having won 9/10 GW's).
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    I've noticed this too couple of days ago, when GW got really hard really soon, I was facing lvl 70's ALL max star/gear lvl and was only the 5th battle (I'm lvl 68 atm)! The battles after that were ALL minimum lvl68-70 max gears. I had to use my 2x cannon fodder teams + my b/c teams to complete it.
  • Seems like gear levels is the key , I'm going to start focusing on leveling up gears because I've been playing galactic wars for one month and have yet to beat it . My team is (4* lvl59 kylo)-(4*lvl58 lumi) (5*lvl57JC) (4*lvl54vader) (4*lvl54darth Sid) with a host of others to follow after my team gets wasted ?
  • Yeah, as everyone gets geared to 70 it's become ridiculously hard at the end. I'm facing mostly 7* purple geared teams. The teams are set up to cause attrition too, so you just lose a toon almost every fight. Keep in mind I have 3 teams 7* in purple gear and another 10 or more that are 70 as well. I really feel for the f2p people. One things for sure, im not putting another cent into this game....
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