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I got Problems with the lvl 2 int-Equipment challange.
I got only 2 Tanks and i cant win the lvl2 one.
Shouldi Continue with lvl 1 challange or should i get stormtrooper or fives from cantina shipment?

Or any Otter solutions?


  • Do level 1 until your team naturally grows. Rewards aren't spectacular anyway. I've still only got 4, only 1 or which I'm actively levelling so I struggle with tier 2 also.
  • If you have the red guy and chewy, the way to play it is: disregard droids, hit the main guy. When an icon appears on Red (Imperial), use Chewy taunt...the nerf of Imperial will go away in a turn. If Chewy gets nerfed (red icon), use Imperials Defense which will clear the nerf. Rinse and repeat as much as you can. With 3 Tanks things get much better, as you have 33% less chance of have any of thise killed, and then one more turn which gains back the tactic, and also the enemy more weakened. If you unlock the Ewok, he can Stealth, I got him from Bronzium, so if he get's targeted, he just hides. And the enemy even waits in atonishment doing nothing until his nerf is go e, to reappear untouches in two turns.
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