Come Feel The Force and recruit your Padawans here! Basic Guilds Only Please!


  • I just started a guild and I am looking for people to join and have fun. We want you to participate but at your pace and we are not pushy we just want everyone to get along and have a good time. Looking for players of any level and we will launch low level raids to help get you off to a good start.
    ****my ally code is 477-281-684**** come join us and help boost your characters and rewards
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    Hello. We are looking for active players to join our guild. We currently have 22 members and are looking to gain a full team.

    We are in need of new members, all levels welcome. No rules, just fun, Relaxed guild just trying to get some steady active members but no requirements.. Plenty of gear to donate to Padawans.

    We are a loyal team and we try to help each other in everything that we do in the guild and with our battles. Doing Tier 3 raids and progressing to Tier 4 for the Padawans. and aiming to increase numbers to Raid 2x each week once Tier3 and once Tier 4.

    just opened Tank normal raid for above 80's

    Send an ally request in game for an invite.

    Phoenixmale66 = 146-153-889 Metalkings
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  • Armies of Darkness Guild recruiting
    My son and I are starting a new fresh guild looking for any new recruits
    As a new guild the initial focus will be on player development. If you are a player who is invested in the game and would like a drama free Guild feel free to look me up 628-925-417 Salacious b Crumb
    1) Have fun above all else,
    2) Respect your other guild mates.
    3) Be as generous as possible with guild exchange. A strong group is better than a strong individual
    4) Guild coins, all players, as a minimum, should complete their daily activities to ensure we collect as many guild coins as possible
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    We have recruited our quotient of padawans for now. Thanks to those who joined us. I'll update this if we decide to take additional padawans.
    BADMMMMMM has decided to take in one new padawan to replace an inactive high level player. Do you want to jump start your progress in the game?

    The ideal candidate will have only recently started playing, loves Star Wars, loves playing SWGOH, wants to play correctly and wants to dominate their server.

    We are an active guild and we do now REQUIRE padawans to join discord and read our beginners guide. We don't have a daily energy requirement but we expect you to play as often as possible in the beginning since you'll need to advance quickly so you can at some point contribute to raids, earn raid gear and most importantly work toward a high rank on your server so you can earn free rewards. If you don't play a lot, and correctly, early it puts you far behind the curve on your server.

    We have an active discord chat and guild chat. Almost all of our members play daily.

    We actively support our padawans and have multiple channels in discord including our beginners guide to help you. Our last group of padawans are all dominating their servers including top five arena and number one fleet rankings and soon some will be able to zero damage heroic raids. If you zero damage a high level raid you, generally, get better rewards than anything other than a top three finish in the raid one level below.

    We are a mix of dolphins and F2P players. We are always raiding. Currently we run Rancor 6, heroic Rancor and normal tank. We are building towards heroic tank and will probably kick the tires on it very soon.

    If you are a new but committed player you can join and develop. We'll help you with suggestions, resources and allow you to ally with members who have gear 11 level 85 fully maxed characters. You can ally with our members and use our toons to help you complete hard light, dark and neutral battles.

    Our guild is closed. If you want to join please send me your ally code, tell me about yourself and I'll send you an invite if you are a good match for our guild. As you are currently in a guild you'll have to leave so I can send you an invite. You can contact me via PM on this board, on discord HanShotFirst #6596 or line HanShotFirst.


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  • Knights End--- Newer guild with 29 members that broke away from inactive leaders.
    We clear Tier 5 Rancor in under a day(though we try to leave the raid unbeaten for 24 hours so everyone gets at least 1 attack) and Rancor Tier 6 generally takes less than 3 days.
    Recruiting new members level 50+ that will contribute 600 guild bank per day. If you have at least 1 5 star character you can run with us as we grow(should be working towards atleast 1 6 star character). Send ally invite to ally code 859-687-753 for an invite. We will be running tier 5 and tier 6 rancor raids, and work towards tier 7. We will also keep a tier 6 AAT raid going. We look forward to any new members.
  • New guild looking for members. We're experienced gamers migrating together from a different game.

    Building from the ground up, if you're new and want to game with some cool dudes, add me for invite 465-742-375

    - Hardly
  • Aloha! Several members based out in Hawaii. Looking for daily players. No chat apps needed. All levels welcome. Main rule - have fun!

    Join the Flyin' Hawaiians today!
    Gainster ~ Flyin' Hawaiians ~ Ally Code :153-778-157
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    Join F4T4L 4LLI4NCE
  • The Maulsters is looking for new members, beginners to mid-level.

    We currently have about 30 active members and need more members to contribute raid tickets. Completing them is not a problem.

    Currently raiding T4&5
    Player lvls range from 30's to 70's
    Looking for players who contribute minimum 200 tickets per day.

    My ally code is 594-341-763. Add me for an invite.
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  • Nasi
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    New guild kanzounisimiru 2 looking for players interested in fun without pressure. Doing tier 4 rancor and normal tank raids. English and Japanese speaking.

    My ally code is 986-181-535
    Guild leaders ally code is 749-747-626

  • BHG Freelancers is opening its doors for training and assisting new players to help you progess.
    Whether it's your first time playing (or you need a home for an alt), this is where you can learn about the game and prep for heroic raids, which requries 7* heroes.
    We can provide knowledge of who to farm and how to effectivley gear your characters to your advantage as well as connect you to our hub of experienced players to help with any questions you may have.
    **This guild is for helping you get your first 7* heroes**
    Upon getting your first squad of 7*'s you will be put on a list to go into one of our Heroic Rancor divisions to futher your progression.
    If interested or have any questions feel free to PM me or contact me directly on Line ID: adviktion

    May the force be with you,
  • Jordy
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    ORDER GMT recruiting I'm lvl 85 with heroic experience looking for all players to join willing to help all my ally code is 969-121-926
    Just made it on my own please be patient lol
  • Just started a guild with a couple of friends and we are looking for players to join up with us for Fun! Galactic ENIGMA is a fun, family-oriented guild. My Ally Code is 412-724-126. Come join us and become a part of the great ENIGMA! :D
  • If you are looking for a lower tier guild. to do more basic raids and help you playing Galaxy of Heroes, then we are looking for you.
    We have an active fun guild that is looking to acommodate newer and lower level players.

    Send me an ally request - 474-883-119 - and I will send you an invite!
  • Starting up a guild that needs members to progress with us. Any level is welcome.
    Guild name "SeagullsStopIt"
  • Boots
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    "Barrens Chat" is recruiting. We have 27 members currently. We are on Rancor Tier 4. All levels welcome. We are a family type of guild. Only rule is you login and play, help others out. If interested add me and I'll invite you. 498 466 568.
  • Ryuzaki
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    Hello Guys :),

    we are a new Guild called OroJackson and recruiting players, here´s some info about us:

    - We are recruiting all sorts of players, it doesnt matter if ur P2P, F2P or something in between
    - U need to be pretty active, Everyday is not a must but it would be nice if u could be there to our Raids.
    - Our Raidtime will be set soon - Times arent fixed yet.
    - My Timezone is CET - dat should be fine.
    - U should be able to speak either German or English.
    - We are open to all kinds of LvL.
    - My Ally Code is: 779-455-966
    dats it for beginning, if ur interrested pls Contact me Ingame by using my AllyCode
    or Leave a Post right here :)

  • Ryuzaki
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    sry for double post^^
  • Sollos
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    KnightsoftheSith are now recruiting

    We are a growing guild focusing on leveling and gearing our lower level players. Playing smart to maximize guild benefits. Only 2.5 weeks old and already 35/50 players Get in while there is still room!

    Anyone is invited come dominate this game with us!

    Add Sollos player ID: 461-929-169
    Open to join
    LINE ID: clash-tanner
    ALLY CODE: 844-261-121
    Guild members: 28 (WE ARE GROWING)

    Hey guys we just kicked out some inactive players and we are looking for ACTIVE players to join and grow with us!!

    Level 50+ (We can work with you)
    Active 600 raid tickets per day
    At least one 5* character
    Willingness to chat and cooperate
    Goals to grow the guild and yourself
    Adult manner and conduct

    We are currently doing a T5 Rancor Raid every 2 to 3 days, as often as possible. This can improve with more people and more growth!!
    We also have heavy hitters that come over from our main guild to help out with Tank Takedown.
  • Hey, whats up guys
    it is xJHUNDOx, leader of xJediMindTricksx

    Today i come to you to help our sister guild xJediMindTricksxG2 recruit some news members. We are growing and we need to take in members. Preferably active members who play daily and are good for 600 raid tickets a day. We communicate through LINE MESSENGER and it is MANDATORY you have LINE MESSENGER to join. Like i said G2 is our second guild and we have multiple chats designed for members of each guild and a chat for all officers of all guild. Our main guild is serious and if you show your worth in our second guild we
    MIGHT be able to mke room for you. Our leader for G2 is Organic Brownie and we have a few officers in guild that are reliable. If your current guild sucks, you guys should give G2 a try, and eventually will be in a top guild like our MAIN GUILD. G2 is currently doing T5 Rancor and Normal AAT with its current members, as the guild progresses with members and heavy hitters, the raid will go up in tiers. Our main guild is Heroic Rancor and am transitioning to Heroic AAT soon. We prefer you are lvl 75+ with at least top 500 in your arena to join G2.

    if interested in G2 contact organicbrownie or mistermasterjedi on line messenger
    Line id:

    if theres is anything else you need contact me on line messenger
    Line id:

    We are a great group and we would love you to join the team :)
    thanks for your time hope to see you soon
  • -49 members
    -tiers 6&7 raid
    -launch time 2:30 pacific time
    -launch every 2 days
    -3 officers
    -levels 80 80 85
    -leader level 85
    -active on discord
    -level requirement 75
    We welcome you and would love to have you message me or add my by ally code
    857 623 755
    Kyber kollektorz
  • Eddy5767
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    Sepratist Badgers

    New guild for new players who would like guidance on who to farm and the best way to progress through the game.
    I am a level 85 player with alot of big characters.

    using my characters as an ally in battles will help new players alot.

    I have a sister guild Mortal Sepratists. Full and active, raiding T7 racor and tank raids regularly. you may have the opportunity to join in the future. I started this guild so have alot of experience as guild leader.

    I can ensure you get the highest rewards possible as I can finish rancor with ease.

    So if your a new active player and want to be at the top in your arena ally me and join Sepratist Badgers.

    • Inactive for more than 2 days and you will be removed
    • Try and get 600 raid token contribution everyday
    • Be freindly and help eachother wherever possible

    Add me on line chat app: lord_eddy
    or ally me: 944-514-285

    If you are allready in a guild I cant invite you. Please be without a guild to move.
  • Are you looking for a guild? Gray Paladin's is the guild for you. We are a fairly new guild so are looking for any new members. Our last level 3 raid was done in 2 days, so our next one should be level 4. We have just 13 members at the moment but are looking to grow bigger and stronger. We don't have any specific rules that will get you kicked out, we just want people to enjoy the game.

    My Ally code is 745-686-479 and my screen name is Wen Qualto.
    Our leader is Barrera and his code is 843-265-881

    Send either of us an ally invite and we will invite you to the guild.
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