Lightside normal node 9F and gear farming:

Is it not the best node to farm mk3 holosonar projectors?

I get so many from there.

I've read droprates are supposed to be more or less the same regardless of what node you farm them but I have a reasoning of why that might not be the case.

This reason does NOT involve tin foil hats but is simply a matter that while every node drops SOMETHING, when you farm it it doesn't necessarily drop those something's with equal weight.

Example: In a node that drops grey, green, and blue gear I believe will mostly likely drop the lowest gear level available with the greatest weight.

What say you? Am I really wearing a tin foil hat and just not realizing it?


  • I have always felt like if a node has grey, green blue, and a node has green, blue, purple, I have a better chance to get blue item in node with higher level gear.
  • Pretty sure that each gear has a specific chance to drop, and it is the same for any specific piece across all nodes. Or at least it should be, I wouldn't be willing to discount the possibility of a bug anywhere in this game. The simplest way to set up drops is to calculate each drop separately then put all the results on a list.

    The amount of extra code needed to do what is being suggested is huge, and it would actually make the game worse to spend all that time and money writing that code. Nothing I have seen about this game so far suggests that they would have allowed devs to be paid to write code that wasn't clearly needed.
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