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  • Thanks :) just nice to know what way i shuel go for that event
  • Where did you read about this Jedi event ?
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    I doubt you'll have time to do much if you aren't close already. I suspect the patch will be released on February 8.
  • Thanks for the info
  • If it gets released on the 8th and then runs for a week I think most or us can at least unlock the new character.
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    I'm in same boats like some others. I need advice about my jedi progress. I know we dont have much time, but maybe the update can slip a cuple days...who know? I wish to have five 5 starts jedis when the event will come out.

    So I'm not a big spender ( love my wife, dont wanna be in trouble :-)) was there a couple chromium, but thats all! :-) So no chance to gain the fifth starts on Kit Fisto or Ayala.

    Cantina: I'm working on kylo ( 6 stars) , and dooku ( 5 stars ) but I can suspend this project, if...
    Cantina shards : Spending all on Qui Gon , there is no way spend my hard earned tokens on jedi guardian or what is that creature..

    Arena: I'm starring up curently Ig - 88 ( 6 star ) I think there is no time to start Master Koth

    So what do you thinks guys..wich jedi would be the best for my purpose?

    Ani? Klon? Elf Guardian? Ima Gun? burning my energies DS and LS ..or unlock someone who can be farm faster?

    Thank you for your answer!

    ( sry about my poor English )

  • Lumi and qgj are no brainers I think. Jc is pretty great for gw and ls.
  • I've settled on these four for sure:

    Mace Windu - Cantina Energy
    Qui-gon Jinn - Cantina Shipments
    Jedi Consular - Energy
    Lumi - Galactic War Shipments (she's already 7*).

    The 5th I'm still mulling. Debating Eeth Koth since there really isn't any other Jedi available from Arena Shipments. Basically, I'm trying to take a strategy where I can work on all I need without stepping over any other character.

    I'm hoping the Shard exechange will help me out as well as I could then buy Lumi shards and switch them for something, though, I'm half expecting the exchange rate to be terrible.
  • Jedi Guardian is a tankish character and easy to get. It will do in a pinch for a 5th. Unless you want Koth or Aayla. I think there are total of 12 Jedi and 5 sith. Oh yeah forgot ahsoka, she has the lowest hit points in the game and is one of the slowest in the game, but she is farmable.
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  • I'm waiting for the event to roll around as well and being a f2p, I would target:

    Luminara: she is considered the best toon to farm from GW and a useful toon

    Jedi Counselor: everyone gets him and he has both hard mode and cantina nodes, somewhat useful in GW, easy farm

    Mace Windi: also has a cantina node to farm and is getting a buff next update, might actually be good

    Qui-Gon Jinn: can be purchased in cantina shipments, good toon with good Jedi leader skill

    Barriss/Anakin/others: The problem here is there are already two Jedi on this list who will be eating up your cantina energy. Ideally I would want Barriss out of what is left. She is useful in GW as a leader and you could even use her as your Jedi leader. The problem is her cantina node doesn't open up until level 69 and farming her from her two hard nodes that require 16 energy takes forever. Anakin isn't as useful as most would like and he's only farmable on hard nodes. Ahsoka isn't very good either and she would compete with QGJ for cantina shipments. This fifth one is really up to you and for the reasons above is why Eeth Koth is being suggested by everyone because he would be a fast farm from Arena shipments.
  • I'm interested too.
    Fot the 5th Jedi I'm wondering about Ima-Gun Di or Anakin.
    Are they worth the long farming time?
  • I have Ima-Gun-Di from a bronzium pull and I never really geared him up or used him much. A Jedi counter team is always kind of cool to see in GW but more annoying than anything.
  • Koth - solid toon that has a great stun.
  • QJ, Aayla,Lumi,Kit and JC can usually rock through an entire GW with no replacements.
  • Have Lumi at 7*. I'm farming Mace, QGJ, and JC(hard mode, I stopped farming him at 5*). Also farming Eeth. I figure if more Jedi drop at update... Well it sucks but whatever. If not then better start now.
  • It's clear I'm not going to get the new character the first time around. Instead of going for low tier Jedi like Eeth Koth, I've decided to start a longer term team that will allow me to have a strong Jedi team and complete the challenge next time it rolls around. Who are the best F2P Jedi I can farm?

    Me too.

    My suggestion is a lineup with all farmable characters. Lumi, JC, Barris, QGJ. The 5th spot could be either Windu or Eeth Koth.

    Since Lumi, JC, and Barris are really good in GW. They are long term choices for sure if you are determined to finish GW everyday. Then QGJ is great in PVP. Fifth spot should be another farmable character. So Koth or Windu. Or any other Jedi you like.

  • -Luminara
    -Qui Gon Jinn
    -Eeth Koth
    -Jedi Consular
    -Mace Windu

    Who should be the leader?
  • Qui.. Even though his leader ability kicks in in round two, on an all Jedi team that is an advantage that you can't ignore.
  • Thanks. Just need to farm 145 Mace Windu shards in two weeks.
  • Thanks. Just need to farm 145 Mace Windu shards in two weeks.

    You are betting on the future.. Mace looks like he could go either way. I am hedging and farming him as well, I wish you luck!

  • Thanks, and good luck to you as well! Mace's buff looks nice. If I pull him from a bronzium, I will be VERY happy.
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    Unfortunately I only have 4 ... JC, Lumi, Tano, QGJ.. trying to unlock Eeth Koth.

  • TommySitt wrote: »
    I can't see how Anakin would be useless. I just think no one farms him because they're focused on Barriss in the cantina. Ima-Gun is halfway decent, but I would think that Ani would be a better pick.

    Yes, probably Anakin is a more strong toon, but Ima-Gun Di has a very good leader ability (35% counterchance).
    The very problem is to understand what kind of character is the new jedi: if he's an attacker, Anakin can be redundant (for example if he's Luke jedi..)
    I don't know how a yoda can be implemented in the game, but not certainly a tank.
  • Ima gun di is not easy to farm

    The counter chance makes it a top choice for a jedi team

    Defense up is garbage though. If it was offense up it would be perfect.
  • Yeah if ima was easier to farm I may have gone full Jedi team from the beginning. He is a strong toon with a nice kit. Also OP get Eeth Koth for sure. There will always be a few Droid teams on your ladder that even if you don't use him in main comp long term he is nice for that one purpose at least. Plus nobody else in arena..... If only QGJ would been arena.... If only
  • How useful are you finding koth? I have never seen anyone use him.
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    Hey all, this is the 7* Jedi team I am able to scrape together. Do you think it will be successful after upgrade for challenge?
    QGJ (L)
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