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  • God the gear that the AAT raid gives is just shockingly awful. It’s always MK3 bacta with a side of more bacta gels
  • Kyno wrote: » ButtrmlkPncakes wrote: » Kyno wrote: » ButtrmlkPncakes wrote: » To be fair, they wouldn't need to make a whole forum post clarifying how GG's damage works and everything if they had just said "20% of his max health" from …
  • I’d love to finish all the BH but I’ve been panic farming Ordo and dark Bastie so that’s gotta wait I guess.
  • You didn’t click the JOIN button.
  • Yes but ONLY if it’s clone-specific.
  • Droideka wrote: » DuneSeaFarmer wrote: » QOL Requests: - Apply all Gear upgrades with one click. - Remove all mods with one click. I don’t like the remove all mods one. I do frequently feel the need to start fresh with mods for fun, s…
  • Dude. This would be infuriating if that’s what actually happened.
  • I would love it if GK’s zetas are just clone-specific.
  • This definitely falls into the category of “don’t steal things from my roster”. So... personally I would hate this idea.
  • I can’t imagine a scenario where you’d regret gearing Revan.
  • I enjoyed the list, but how you can put IG88 above BB8 is beyond me. IG88 has some interesting tools but he’s such a twig it almost makes him useless. He would be WAY down my droid list.
  • Literally anything except for the bans again. It seems more balanced when the bonuses are for individuals rather than factions as well... last time g7 Jawa teams were smoking g12 squads and that is a bit over the line.
  • Kyno wrote: » Gama_Fox wrote: » Kyno wrote: » Gama_Fox wrote: » It's amazing how they haven't figured this out yet.... They screw themselves over every time by not having it ready when the actual quarter starts and then when they do fi…
  • Ultra wrote: » So I was looking at some YT videos and it doesn't look like Imperial Troopers start the battle with 10% TM with pretaunting shoretrooper I'll try to recreate this on GW but this seems to be a bug because IIRC, Baze Malbus starts …
  • No_Try wrote: » Yes, I mean the kit reworks. Outside of Bounty Hunters, there really were zero “faction passes” like they used to do. The EP/Vader update was really just adding 2 level 8 abilities to Palp and a unique to Vader.
  • No_Try wrote: » Whatelse73 wrote: » No_Try wrote: » Seems noone is excited about Revan himself, but the toon to annul him in arena xD Well, I hope he comes back quickly. If it's next week, great. I spent a lot of time and effort g…
  • No_Try wrote: » EdSolo wrote: » The difference between this part and carbantis is that the carbantis are used both to make stun guns as well as used by themselves to fill gear spots. If there were a piece of gear that were just made up of the…
  • EdSolo wrote: » The difference between this part and carbantis is that the carbantis are used both to make stun guns as well as used by themselves to fill gear spots. If there were a piece of gear that were just made up of the salvage, then these…
  • Yeah in hindsight, them saying that they were focusing on OT characters seems a bit.... wrong? One character and one ship. I took the “focus” to mean that they might do things like... I dunno, give characters like Ackbar, Wedge, Lando and Lobot …
  • ChristophIV wrote: » You'll find more help if you answer what everyone us asking. Was Nihilus in the leader slot? If Darth Nihilus is in the leader slot all sith lose their protection and gain that much health. Read his leader ability. We a…
  • fader wrote: » vksg wrote: » Darth Nihilus (L) ? Yes Darth nihilus was one of them If he was the leader then that is part of his lead ability.
  • fader wrote: » HK666 wrote: » On Offense? Yes on offense I noticed I was getting dominated and my players seemed extremely slow compared to my opponents and in one battle I noticed my Tunes did not have no protection it didn't even have…
  • Gcdevil wrote: » It's challenge gear given for free multiple times a week how could anyone need it that bad? I used to think that same thing. Now I’ve got 67 g12 characters and I’ve been out of them for months. As soon as I get to 60 they g…
  • 50 carbantis will always be a reward worth fighting for.
  • Why on earth would you be giving Jawas so much gear? I mean you can do what you want with your roster but they’re an awful faction with no real use currently. I can’t imagine they are high on the list of potential reworks either.
  • DuneSeaFarmer wrote: » Oh good Lord.. will you please stop. I think the general consensus is that the bonuses are pretty popular and fun. Far, far better than the bans anyway.
  • 1. Please stop calling this the “community voted TW”, everyone knows that is not an accurate way to describe this thing. 2. The new bonuses look amazingly cool 3. Are you aware that the Ewoks could easily get stuck in an infinite loop of offe…
  • The devs and community managers are just going to completely ignore these threads, aren’t they... A single comment outside of what was said in the announcement would be welcome. Just like “we are aware you don’t like it but would appreciate if yo…
  • I guess I shouldn’t be but I’m just shocked that you guys are still doing this after everyone said it was the exact opposite way to make TW fun. Also... man oh man did you guys blow a hole in the Troopers.

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