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  • lamo wrote: » Cider wrote: » I use that team and it has no real difficulties to climb up first everyday , been first for a week now. why you not upgrading their abilities? :O Because I can upgrade one but i don't know which one
  • Dark maul Vader Sidious Dooku Savage oppress is okay but I think I would put Obi wan kenobi instead since he's strong in control and can dodge easily with his first skill
  • I am actively trying to build a full team with Dark maul as leader , mine is 7* (got super lucky in packs even tho I never saw the shines of dooku) and it would consist of Maul vader dooku Sid and Obi wan for control , I don't know if that could be …
  • Quick question though , when Guild features will be released , is it gonna be single server only or mixed with all servers ? Cause people talk about competition and rewards and all but i doubt they'd allow you to be dispatched in every single server…
  • No guild features yet and there's already rumble at the bar !
  • No poggle teams on my server at the moment since everybody is trying to build something with what they can my roster is Dark maul 7* Obi wan 6* Kylo 6* Moff 7* Phasma 6* , dark maul is the last to attack but since my phasma is second , it's not real…
  • lvl 54 at the moment, 7* geared VII and 2 pieces on, he isn't that fast , that's why i use march to victory, phasma's abilitty to give him the advantage
  • i run one in my team as i don't use any healers , and he's been proving quite useful as he can debuff and lower turns with his aoe, i combo him with Obi wan and i love it
  • Darth with phasma as a Leader is OP, phasma can proc him and he would get 100% if he kill someone with that and also phasma is fast enough to boost your team with march of victory, which gives armor penetration and enough time for darth to land his …
  • Healer for defense are indeed better , but since you can't really set up your own defense team, quite hard to do so. Would reconsider having a heal in my team if it'd buff sith/first order. Barris is good , but hits like a noodle and Lumi can be unu…
  • I use that team and it has no real difficulties to climb up first everyday , been first for a week now.
  • have almost everybody except Dooku

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